Klever Weekly Newsletter – April 22

Klever Kustody Open Beta is now available & ICP Token is now available in Klever Swap. Klever Live w/ Felipe Rieger, to discuss new NFT collections, new listings on Klever Exchange & Liquidity Pools.

Klever Kustody Open Beta is now available

Klever Kustody provides an alternative to self-custody. Although having complete control of your coins and your private key is desirable, it also comes with a major drawback.

As its name suggests, self-custody restricts access to assets to one user. The wallet cannot be shared by multiple users.

Using Klever Kustody, more than one person can manage a wallet, i.e., sharing is now possible. Klever Kustody provides a range of features that make your crypto assets safer, manageable, and controlled.

The user has more flexibility with failsafe security measures that carry out transactions and allow for the processing of transactions when all security measures are met.

Klever hosts your wallets, but your private keys remain in your hands. Protect them!

Misha Lederman hosted Felipe Rieger, Head of KleverNFT & Klever Exchange

Misha Lederman hosted Felipe Rieger, Head of KleverNFT & Klever Exchange, to discuss the new NFT collections coming to KleverNFT, new listings on Klever Exchange, and the incoming Liquidity Pools.

The Klever roadmap of features and launches is exciting and we want to always keep our products growing and make an impact in the crypto space. For this, we invited Felipe Rieger to go deep into these upcoming features that are really trending and still attracting more people later over years.

Did you miss this special Livestream about NFT collections and Klever Exchange? Chill down, there’s still time! Click below and watch this amazing full conversation.

Klever Swap: ICP token available in the Klever Wallet

Our community can easily swap ICP with different pairs inside the Klever Crypto Wallet.

Klever Wallet continues to make improvements for its community. ICP tokens from the Internet Computer blockchain can be swapped with ease using Klever Wallet.

Internet Computer by Dfinity is a general-purpose blockchain developed with the fastest and most scalable system available in the world right now. 

Available ICP Swap pairs:

  • ICP/USDT (TRC20)
  • ICP/USDT (ERC20)

Trade Devikins on Klever Exchange

Trade $DVK using Klever Exchange on Android, iOS or Web now.

Users can trade DVK on Kever Exchange by opening an account on the exchange platform. Opening an account only takes a few minutes and the account comes with all the latest security features that save users’ crypto assets from all hacking with its iron-clad safe technology.

After opening an account, users need to deposit crypto into the account. Once that is done, users can trade for DVK with KLV, a favorite pair.

Users can also use another option to hold DVK, Download the Klever Wallet app from Android Play Store and iStore, run the application, follow a few simple steps and buy DVK with your debit & credit cards in a few minutes. These $DVK coins can then be transferred to Klever Exchange to trade on the exchange platform.

Devikins launches out of development mode

Devikins, a turn-based role-playing game mixed with character breeding fueled by crypto tokens releases.

Developed by Moonlabs, a decentralized indie game studio created by veterans of the game industry, it is a game with an ever-expanding world and player-first mentality, where each and every character is different from each other.

Following the beta testing period, Moonlabs has now announced Devikins’ final release. It is a unique play-to-earn (P2E) game that allows users to earn by holding Devikins characters. 

Learn more about Devikins:

  • What is Void in Devikins;
  • DVK, a utility token;
  • Structure of a Devikins NFT;
  • Who is in the Devikins team.

Read the Full Article

Trade APE Pairs on Klever Exchange

Trade APE Pairs on Klever Exchange

ApeCoin is an ERC-20 governance and utility token used within the APE ecosystem to empower a decentralized community by building at the forefront of web3 for its users.

Whatever level of experience you have in the trading of cryptocurrencies, there is one place that provides you with the utmost sense of security and user satisfaction.

Klever Exchange continues to evolve and include new solutions for its users.

By listening to the community, the team keeps improving the user experience and now offers APECoin trading with two pairs on the Klever Exchange.

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