Klever Weekly Newsletter – April 29

The Klever Mainnet Migration contract is now live with KLV 100% APR Staking Event. K5 added Banxa as direct fiat on-ramp. Klever announces the Klever Global Hackathon w/ 30 Milion KLV

Klever Mainnet Migration with KLV 100% APR Staking Event is now live!

Stake KLV for 100% APR in Klever Wallet starting April 25 to July 26, 2022

The Klever Mainnet Migration contract is now live, allowing all KLV holders on Tron Network to stake their KLV starting April 25th until July 26th, 2022.

Our previous Tron-based KLV staking contract has now been paused, removing all withdrawal and standard staking processes. 

When KleverChain goes live, staked KLV will be available for withdrawal to users’ Mainnet addresses. The staked KLV will be subject to an APR of 100% for the duration of the contract (depending on when you’ve entered the contract), or until the event concludes on July 26th, 2022.

Addresses can stake up to 10 buckets with a minimum of 1,000 KLV per bucket. The withdrawal process will only permit the withdrawal of the entire amount locked in the account.

If you would like to participate in this Klever Mainnet Staking event, open up your Klever Wallet, navigate to your Klever Dapp Browser and open up stake.klever.finance – follow the instructions in the below faqs to stake KLV at 100% APR.

Remember you need a minimum of 50 TRX to stake your KLV into the new contract.

Banxa on-ramp support for Klever is now live in K5

Klever Wallet has added direct fiat on-ramp integration to its Klever Ecosystem through Banxa.

It’s with great pleasure that we announce that Banxa is now live within the Klever ecosystem, providing fiat on-ramps directly within Klever Wallet, K5. That’s right, a fast and simple way to buy crypto in Klever Wallet

Banxa removes risks from your payment process and enables Klever users to buy crypto with ease.

Banxa has been developing cryptocurrency exchange payment solutions since 2014 and continues to assist digital asset enterprises in realizing their goals.

Our Klever users now have access to our widest range of payment options, both locally and globally, and lower exchange rates, so they can convert more.

Klever Global Hackathon Event – 30 million $KLV in Prize Pool

Klever Finance Global Hackathon with 30 Million KLV Prizes and Rewards.

Klever has dedicated the past decade to building blockchain solutions and products for millions of users around the world. As a result, we have learned a great deal about blockchain technology, cryptography, immutability, and which technologies are most effective in optimizing high performance, speed, security, and reliability.

The Klever Foundation is excited to announce the Klever Global Hackathon. The hackathon is +-two weeks long, running from May 16 to May 27, 2022. Teams are welcome to submit projects anytime in advance of the May 27 deadline at 11:59 PM UTC.

The total prize pool for the hackathon is up to 30,000,000 KLV, divided into 3 core categories, namely, Innovation, Bugs & Security, and Content Creators.

Swap MATIC in the Klever Wallet: Benefits and How to do it

Learn more about this token that helps build the Polygon MATIC project: a decentralized platform that solves the scalability question in the Ethereum network

Companies are looking for more than just a cool and functional blockchain system. They are looking for more: scalability and secure infrastructure development that can hold the system down whatever the situation. 

This is the moment that projects like Polygon MATIC enter the picture. 

Polygon MATIC (former Matic Network) is a totally decentralized platform that solves the scalability question in the Ethereum network in a very well-structured way.

Swap MATIC in the Klever Wallet with the following pairs:


Trade DVK Pairs on Klever Exchange

Devikins, one of the fastest-growing NFT based gaming is making inroads in play to earn category

With NFTs creating a huge uproar in the gaming space, Devikins (DVK) stays one step ahead of where players can witness role-playing games that come with character breeding.

There are many popular NFTs that are mere in digital form, where you can trade, but cannot be used in games, but DVK changes this and brings value to NFTs.

To hold the future of NFTs, users can trade DVK on Klever Exchange.

Klever Exchange is one of the fastest-growing crypto exchanges that come with iron-clad security. The exchange also allows trading of NFT, along with the Swap feature.

Now let’s check how users can trade for DVK on Klever Exchange, click below!

IGG: the token for gamers around the world

IGG is the utility token for Intergalactic Gaming (IG), a play-to-earn platform for numerous esports tournaments

If you haven’t heard of Intergalactic Gaming (IG) or IGGalaxy, you might want to check it out: IGGalaxy is a decentralized platform made for gamers around the world. 

Intergalactic Gaming is a project made to facilitate gamers’ living inside the competitive gaming environment.

To trade IGG in the Klever Exchange is pretty easy. 

The pairs available are:


Klever Exchange supports the most common and needed trading methods but in a simple and easy-to-use modern way.

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