Klever Weekly Newsletter – April 30

Klever Exchange bet has arrived now & you can apply to be a beta tester! Additionally, Klever Swap listed BSC-tokens CAKE & BNB (BEP-20), while KLV trading went live on HitBTC.

Klever Exchange Beta Launch

After more than 3 years of research and development, the Klever Exchange beta is finally here! Klever will be choosing thousands of Klever Exchange beta testers for the iOS & Android apps.

The idea behind Klever Exchange is fully based on providing a simple, intuitive, and powerful user experience where anyone can trade, with unmatched speed and advanced security architecture to fully protect user funds.

As a show of confidence in Klever Exchange as a product, Klever has decided to expand the initial 100 iOS and 100 Android beta testers to thousands of beta testers who will be invited to test closer to official exchange launch. These exclusive beta testers will be given the opportunity to test and optimize what is set to become the fastest exchange on the market, able to process 3 million transactions per second.

Click below to learn more about Klever Exchange and how to sign up for beta access:

Klever Swap Lists CAKE

The popular Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) tokens PancakeSwap (CAKE) & Binance Coin (BNB) are now available in Klever Swap, exposing over half a million monthly active Klever users to BSC Swaps.

CAKE is the governance token for PancakeSwap, which is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) built on top of Binance Smart Chain. It is the biggest Automated Market Maker (AMM) based exchange on BSC. The supply of CAKE is not hard-capped, and theoretically, CAKE’s supply is unlimited. The team however is conducting regular token burns to try to make deflation higher than emission.

CAKE (BEP-20) have the following direct Swap pairs:


Klever Swap Lists BNB (BEP-20)

On April 2, Klever added support for BEP-20 tokens running on BSC to hold, send, receive and charge in Klever app. Now, Klever users worldwide will be able to use Klever Swap to trade BSC-based tokens, with the first to be added being CAKE and BNB, with many more to follow.

Binance Smart Chain, popularly known as BSC, has been growing significantly in recent months in both volume and users, to surpass much of Ethereum’s volume and usage.

BNB (BEP-20) have the following direct Swap pairs:


KLV Trading Goes Live on HitBTC

Klever (KLV) was listed on HitBTC Exchange with KLV/USDT trading pairs on April 29. HitBTC was launched in 2013, making it one of the oldest still running exchanges out there, and has a daily trading volume of $3.1 billion USD as of April 28.

HitBTC, founded in 2013 by experienced system architects and technology experts, is one of the oldest and fastest growing crypto exchanges in existence. With an unparalleled track record of reliability, offering a comprehensive range of services that are accented by their smooth order execution, state-of-the-art trading terminal, and unmatched liquidity.

The exchange works with individual traders as well as corporate clients, and has offices all over the world including London, Malta, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Hong Kong, Beijing and Singapore.

ChangeNOW Lists KLV

Klever (KLV) was listed at ChangeNOW on April 28 with over 200 direct trading pairs including BTC, ETH, TRX, BNB, XRP, USDT, and many others. ChangeNOW is an instant cryptocurrency exchange that does not require accounts for trading.

ChangeNOW is an instant, global and non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange for simple crypto conversions as crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto services. Any user can go to ChangeNOW website and instantly swap any available currency to KLV and the other way around.

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