Klever Weekly Newsletter – December 11

Klever updates its Roadmap, and gives away 100,000 $KLV in celebration of upcoming Klever Blockchain White Paper release this month. Klever News highlighted this week’s major moves in crypto.

It’s the 50th week of the year and Klever is marking its timeline today with the update of our Roadmap that demonstrates an ambitious future but also records our evolution over the past four years.

Looking back over the year, Klever has followed the Roadmap so far to the letter, with major milestones such as the integration of major blockchain protocols, including LTC, BNB, DGB, XRP, in addition to support for other prominent cryptocurrencies and tokens into the Klever ecosystem.

The Klever team has also introduced multi-token swap, Klever OS, Klever Browser 3.0, Klever Referral Program, Klever Staking Program, new website in klever.io, support for KBTC and KETH stablecoins, as well as Klever Labs that is currently building Klever Exchange, Klever Blockchain, Klever Bank and Klever Browser as main projects.

Now Klever looks ahead to a future of new challenges. We are confident in our goal of becoming the most secure wallet in crypto and a definitive solution for blockchain enthusiasts, not only keeping our users’ assets safe but offering decentralized finance, equal opportunity, the possibility of profitable growth while innovating the most enjoyable user experience on the market.

Updated Roadmap

Where we are

2020/Q4 – Ethereum Browser Support

The incoming upgrade that will go live to the public for download on Android and iOS shortly, brings a highly requested feature, namely Ethereum dapp browser support.
This is an essential new feature that widely increases the opportunities within the Klever Browser, improving the usability and facilitating the integration of products and services currently running on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

2020/Q4 – Buy Crypto with Fiat

Additionally, our next release brings a new and improved fiat on-ramp with complete in-app integration. Klever users will be able to purchase Klever’s native KLV token and several other major cryptocurrencies directly and seamlessly with their fiat currency of choice, using credit and debit card payments securely and easily.

2020/Q4 – New Blockchains Supported (XRP & BCH)

As part of the fourth and final quarter of 2020, Klever introduced XRP support and will now also introduce Bitcoin Cash (BCH) support in Klever app, the sixth-largest cryptocurrency in the world by market cap. BCH is both a cryptocurrency and a payment network. It was created as a result of a hard fork from Bitcoin Core in December 2017, aimed to increase the number of transactions that the network could process. 

2020/Q4 – Klever Blockchain White Paper

Klever saved the best for last, with the upcoming Klever Blockchain White Paper this fourth quarter. Without giving away too much, Klever Blockchain is a network tailored and constructed for the emerging decentralized economy, by providing a safer, faster and smarter cryptocurrency experience for all users globally to enter and thrive within.

We have utilized our team’s accumulated decades of experience in the field of blockchain architecture, software development, UI/UX, finance, cybersecurity and communications to launch an innovative blockchain protocol that significantly simplifies both blockchain app building and usage.

What’s ahead

2021/Q1 & Q2 – Klever Exchange Beta, Klever Browser (Mobile & Desktop)

2021/Q2 – Klever Exchange, Klever Browser for Desktop, Klever Blockchain Testnet 

2021/Q3 – Klever Bank Launch

2021/Q4 – Klever Blockchain Mainnet Launch

How to Invest in Bitcoin Securely, by Klever CEO Dio Ianakiara

We had the honor of hearing Klever.io’s CEO and Co-Founder Dio Ianakiara telling how he got into Bitcoin and where the idea behind Klever was conceived:

Despite seeing my first investment in Bitcoin drop 90%, I was convinced that building the best and most secure wallet on the planet was my life’s calling. That’s how Klever was born.

For many years I studied economics and could not understand the failed global financial system. A bankrupt system where you are already born into debt, a system where your money is worthless and less until it’s worthless, and you don’t understand why and how to react.

I knew that the future of the financial system would be more open and accessible, since open banking was already being widely discussed. The rapid growth in the use of p2p technologies was only accelerating, and this made me reflect on a possible solution.

That’s where Klever was born. The problem was that the technology to create the wallet we needed didn’t exist yet, so we had to create everything from scratch and that’s when the fun started.

Crypto Regulation – A Threat to Crypto or Necessity for Mass Adoption?

The nature of Bitcoin and crypto empowers the individual and strips power from the state and central actors. As regulation demands increase, do they threaten crypto or serve as a need for adoption?

An increasing number of influential voices and major institutions worldwide are now seriously talking about regulating cryptocurrencies. Leaders of the EU, G7, governments, financial institutions, and regulators on a global scale are all realizing that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are not only a force to be reckoned with, but that blockchain technology will cause unimaginable change to the current financial system, the state of the global economy and the way taxes are paid.

Bitcoin vs Gold

As the rivalry between bitcoin vs gold proponents intensifies, let’s take a look at the traits & properties of these two commodities in order to find out if bitcoin deserves the title “digital gold.”

A recent report analyzing market data revealed an uptick in inflows into bitcoin and crypto funds, in contrast to record outflows from gold. The report stated that gold investment products have seen record outflows of $9.2 billion over the past 28 days, while bitcoin products saw inflows of $1.4 billion over the same period.

As bitcoin is rising in value and interest globally, gold is doing the opposite, taking a sharp downturn caused by a large November sell-off this year. In order to familiarize ourselves with the traits of these two rivaling commodities, let’s compare the properties of gold vs bitcoin, or as we call often refer to it, digital gold or gold 2.0, to see if BTC truly deserves those titles. 

Klever & Gokhsthein partnership is now live

Klever announced a partnership with Gokhshtein Media by @DavidGokhshtein in October, since then we launched Klever News and it’s proving to be a very useful feature for crypto education. As Klever News grows with more relevant news and insights about the crypto and blockchain world, the partnership with Gokhshtein Media is now live bringing more quality content to empower Klever News. Gokhshtein’s media house first article about DeFi is now live inside Klever App’s News section, as well as on Klever News Subtack, with a little taste below.

Trailblazing new horizons of decentralized finance (DeFi), by Klever’s partner Gokhshtein Media

So what is DeFi and how does it work? Let Klever.io’s media partner Gokhshtein Media guide you.

In short, DeFi is a set of peer-to-peer financial networks running on specific blockchains. DeFi allows for numerous decentralized applications built upon blockchain networks to perform specific monetary functions like lending, borrowing, earn interest, trading cryptocurrency, and many other functions.

I would argue that the history of decentralized finance began with Bitcoin in 2009 when a decentralized monetary paradigm was conceived, nullifying the necessity of centralized financial institutions for facilitating global financial transactions. Since that year and more specifically, since 2017, many different DeFi projects have entered the cryptocurrency and blockchain sphere.

Klever Friday Giveaway

This Klever Friday Giveaway is a special one this week as we celebrate the upcoming release of the Klever Blockchain White Paper! We have doubled the prize pool, as we’re giving away 100,000 $KLV, which will be shared by 25 lucky winners!

So don’t miss out on this new opportunity and participate now, you only need to Like & RT the tweet below, and follow our official Twitter account @klever_iofor a chance to win 4,000 KLV!

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