Klever Weekly Newsletter – December 24

Misha Lederman hosts Klever CEO, Dio Ianakiara, to discuss Klever’s product development & vision. To celebrate the upcoming Christmas, Klever & KuCoin giveaway $50,000 in KLV.

Klever Insight hosts Klever CEO, Dio Ianakiara

Misha Lederman hosts Klever CEO & Co-Founder, Dio Ianakiara, to discuss Klever’s product development and vision for a Klever future.

On December 23, Klever CEO Dio Ianakiara, the brilliant mind behind the entire ecosystem that was once a dream, took the stage.

Misha Lederman guided the largest group of spectators yet in a retrospective of Klever team accomplishments during 2021. The conversation was powerful, goal-setting, and insightful, and Dio was confident about his team’s ability to continue spreading both financial knowledge and freedom to the world beyond 2022.

Who is Dio Ianakiara?

Dio Ianakiara is an entrepreneur, Software Architect, Software engineer, and the Chief executive officer of Klever.

Dio Ianakiara was born into a very poor family in the Favela (slums) of São Paulo. He grew up working on a farm where he earned $2 per day which he later saved up to buy a computer at the age of 18.

He started learning how to code in 2006 and started his career that same as a Software engineer at IBM/Atlis.

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Celebrate Christmas With Klever! Join the Exclusive Event and Share $50,000 in KLV!

To celebrate the upcoming Christmas, we will be launching a campaign together with KuCoin to give away a KLV reward pool worth $50,000 to qualified users.

The campaign will run from 14:00:00 on December 23, 2021, to 14:00:00 on December 30, 2021 (UTC).

The campaign will be divided into 3 activities:

  • Activity 1: 🎄Merry Christmas🎄! Enjoy the Lucky Draw of a KLV Prize Pool Worth $10,000!
  • Activity 2: KLV Trading Competition, Win a Share of a KLV Prize Pool Worth $30,000!
  • Activity 3: Learn & Earn, Win a Share of a KLV Prize Pool Worth $10,000!

Learn more about the activities and join by clicking on the link below.

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The brand new Klever Blog

The brand new section of the site keeps our followers updated with valuable information.

One of Klever’s pillars is to facilitate access to financial education and promote research regarding crypto and blockchain technology. Thinking about that we’re now introducing the /News section on our website, with a new face and stunning look.

Now, this is the native home of Klever News, which aims to keep our followers updated with the latest crypto news and insights.

What is Klever News?

Simply put, Klever News is an exciting new feature that will offer a combination of AI-driven aggregated news from the crypto world, original content by the Klever team, podcasts, videos, partner news and trusted blockchain data directly to our users seamlessly in the Klever App.

New feature: Listen to the article

In addition to now having a completely native and adaptable news blog, we also bring a very important new feature that will make life even easier for our subscribers. Now, in addition to reading, you will also be able to listen to our articles in different languages.

*Note: This feature is still being implemented so it will not be available for all articles for now.

Klever Wallet Adds New MakerDAO (DAI) Swap Pairs

Klever Swap pairs for DAI MakerDao

To support our community we have introduced 9 new DAI swap pairs.

In 2015, Danish entrepreneur Rune Christensen founded MakerDAO and as a decentralized autonomous organization, the company operates via self-enforcing smart contracts – agreements executable on the Ethereum blockchain that operate in a decentralized manner. Now Klever Swap introduced 9 new DAI swap pairs.

Available Swap pairs: 

  • DAI/USDT (TRC20)
  • DAI/USDT (ERC20)
  • DAI/BUSD (BEP20)

What is DAI?

MakerDAO and Maker Protocol manages the issuance and development of this Ethereum-based stablecoin (stable-price cryptocurrency).

Each new DAI is backed by a mix of cryptocurrencies deposited into smart-contract vaults and soft-pegged to the U.S. dollar.

How to use Klever Browser to access Web 3

With this browser, you’ll have access to all your favorite blockchain projects.

Klever Browser works just like any web browser – but it is much better. You can access crypto, blockchain platforms, as well as any website that you browse daily in a protected environment. Be it checking your email, websites for news & information, you can use this safely as it uses Web 3.0 technology.  

Klever believes in giving users control over their data, and it also provides seamless transactional capabilities via the Ethereum (ETH), Tron (TRON), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon (MATIC), and Kusama (KUSAMA) blockchain platforms.

Click below to learn how to use it.

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The Apple of Crypto is Klever

The Apple of Crypto Blockchains is Klever

More than products and services, we offer a whole experience of crypto solutions that very few can match

Apple CEO Steve Jobs gave an interview to Bloomberg News in 2004 while still alive, discussing Apple’s quick rise to the top, his work with Pixar Studios, and more of that era at the company. 

The following quote from Jobs was quite famous in this interview when he was discussing how Apple was able to be successful in the online music industry, in which millions of people were swapping songs for free:

“[…] our solution encompasses operating system software, server software, application software, and hardware. Apple is the only company in the world that has all of that under one roof. We can invent a complete solution that works — and take responsibility for it.”

Now, does that sound familiar to you? Who else in our favorite market segment follows those same steps? 

Read this article to understand the similarities between Klever and Apple, and what more they have in common.


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