Klever Weekly Newsletter – February 05

KLV is now trading on top exchange KuCoin, while Klever Burned 379 Million KLV & removed 9% of KLV circulating supply. Klever participates in Reimagine 2021 & KLV grows over 103% in a week.

KLV trading on KuCoin is LIVE!

Klever (KLV) is now trading on KuCoin, one of the world’s top exchanges. KLV/USDT & KLV/BTC trading pairs are now live!

KuCoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange for numerous digital assets and cryptocurrencies, since 2017. Known as “The People’s Exchange”, KuCoin operates in Seychelles, providing users with 24/7 multi-language customer service. Meanwhile, KuCoin has established 16 local communities in North America, Europe, SEA, and other regions, providing users with localized services.

KLV trading on KuCoin launched with two trading pairs:

You can easily create an account on the exchange by clicking the button below:

For guides on how to open an account and how to commence KLV trading on KuCoin, please click the button below:

Klever Burns 379 Million KLV Generated From 2020 Klever Gross Revenues

The February 2 burn effectively removed 9% from KLV’s circulating supply and the 379 million KLV burned are equivalent to $2,199,610 million in today’s KLV value. The burn will become an annual event.

Following the burn, KLV’s circulating supply now stands at 3,948,109,138 KLV, with more than 58% staked inside the Klever app, amounting to a total of 2,304,442,525 KLV frozen and staked by thousands of Klever users globally.

You can find the 379M KLV burn transaction hash by clicking the button below:

This burn will become an annual event, in which each beginning of the year in January the Klever team will calculate the revenue made from last year, and remove KLV from the token’s circulating supply at the equivalent USD value that previous year’s revenue amounted to.

The total max supply of KLV will never exceed 10 billion KLV. Each year in January, we will be burning a significant amount of KLV based on the annual revenue from Klever Swap of the previous year. In total, we will burn and remove from circulating supply a total of around 5B KLV tokens will be destroyed using this mechanism.

With this methodology in mind, Klever aims to achieve a deflationary model for KLV, in which the annual burn of KLV generated from Klever’s gross revenue will exceed the newly minted supply of KLV created through Klever Staking.

KLV grows over 103% in 7 days

KLV has grown exponentially over the past 7 days, increasing in market cap to above 46M USD and growing by more than 103% in price, and there are many underlying reasons for this move.

To mention a few, with the entry of a new year in 2021, Klever revealed an updated and ambitious Roadmap, released Klever Blockchain Whitepaper, and outlined the upcoming Klever Exchange to the public, set to launch this quarter. Meanwhile, Souljaboy made public that he bought KLV, along with the latest 379M KLV burn and KLV’s high profile listing on Kucoin.

But ultimately, if you build something users love and they have a voice in creating those products through their feedback, more will naturally join Klever and increasing the usage of KLV. And we’re just getting started in building the Klever ecosystem to empower people all around the world to reclaim their financial freedom.

Klever on Reimagine Blockchain Event 2021

Watch this exciting interview with Misha Lederman, Director of Communications at Klever.io, and hosted by Yonah Hochhauser from Reimagine Blockchain Event 2021.

They delve deep into the world of blockchain, addressing the innovations proposed by Klever, a crypto wallet with millions of downloads, and over 100k daily active users, bringing diverse functionality, creating a true ecosystem that empowers users through digital assets.

  • Find out why self-custody is better than third-party custody.

Learn about the Klever app and its future as a complete ecosystem, as well as the main objectives of the Klever Team that were outlined for 2021, which put safety first, with non-KYC working from the beginning (without requesting user data) while not leaving user’s assets stuck, allowing them to convert crypto using Klever Swap and earn passive income with Klever Staking. Find out more about transaction costs within the app, which enables custom transfer fees for major cryptocurrencies.

What is REIMAGINE 2021?

REIMAGINE 2021 is the world’s largest blockchain education event with the participation of a network of 100+ universities and partners. The event was designed to inspire people to create and implement the solutions needed to build a decentralized future.

WallStreetBets, Bitcoin & The Power of Decentralized Communities

The joint power of a decentralized group of retail investors brought hedge funds to their knees. The combination of Bitcoin & crypto with WallStreetBets will be lethal against the old financial order.

If r/Wallstreetbets, the now world-famous Subreddit group with close to 8 million retail investors as members, has shown anything above all else it’s the power of decentralized communities when facing the legacy finance world.

To understand the monumental nature of the past weeks’ events about how decentralized networks, currencies, and communities will be able to dictate the future of finance, let’s do a brief rundown of what actually went down as a ragtag community of retail investors took on billion-dollar hedge funds.

Klever Friday Giveaway

In celebration of the KLV listing on KuCoin Exchange, we’re giving away 50,000 KLV to be shared among 25 lucky winners!

To participate, you just need to Like & RT the tweet below, follow our official Twitter account @klever_io, for a chance to win 2,000 KLV!

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