Klever Weekly Newsletter – February 25

Klever CEO Dio Ianakiara shared his personal life story of how Klever came to be, and participated in KuCoin’s AMA. KuCoin also listed new KLV trading pairs & launched listing events for $25,000.

From the Slums of São Paulo to Klever CEO – A Personal Life Story of Klever by Dio Ianakiara

This week, Klever CEO Dio Ianakiara shared his personal life story of Klever, take a little peek at this inspiring and overcoming story through the eyes of its creator.

I was born into a very poor family, lived in the Favelas of São Paulo & had no promise or perspective in life. But I was sure that my destiny wasn’t there. This is the story of how Klever came to be.

A lot of people ask me how Klever was able to succeed so fast. The truth is that it took over 15 years to happen. 

There is no shortcut for success, and I always believed that it doesn’t matter where you are from, it doesn’t matter what situation in life you’re in. If you’re willing to work hard, study, try new things and make mistakes in order to improve yourself, all your dreams and goals will eventually come true.

What started as a sea of endless troubles has become one of the biggest and most exciting challenges of my life: 

“To create the best and safest crypto wallet on the planet, a wallet that would meet our needs and that I could personally trust.”

See what happened next by clicking below:

Klever AMA in KuCoin

The Klever AMA with Klever CEO Dio Ianakiara on KuCoin’s Telegram Channel, which transpired on February 24th, shed light on numerous aspects of the Klever ecosystem, including:

  • Klever Exchange

  • Klever Roadmap

  • KLV Burn & New Daily KLV Burn

  • Klever Blockchain & Klever Finance Tokens (KFI)

  • Klever Exchange

  • Klever OS SDK

  • Klever Bank

  • Klever Goals and many others upcoming plans.

And if you missed the live AMA with Klever’s CEO Dio Ianakiara in KuCoin’s Telegram Channel, no need to worry. Here is the full transcript where Dio outlines the products and vision of Klever.io.

New KLV/TRX trading pair on KuCoin

KLV is now available for trading with TRX pairs, which further increases the trading options for KuCoin traders. On February 5 Klever listed on KuCoin the following trading pairs KLV/USDT and KLV/BTC.

So now you can trade KLV on Kucoin with the following pairs:

You can easily create an account on the exchange by clicking the link below:

For guides on how to open an account and how to commence KLV trading on KuCoin, please click the link below:

If it’s the pair you were waiting for, just click below and start trading!

KLV Listing Campaign on KuCoin: $25,000 in KLV Prize Pool to be Won!

To celebrate Klever (KLV) being listed on KuCoin, Klever and KuCoin are jointly launching a campaign together to give away a reward pool of 500,000 KLV to qualified KuCoin users.

The reward pool of 500,000 KLV was divided into the following activities:

  • Activity 1: Net Buying Competition, Enjoy the $12,000 in KLV Grand Prize Pool!

  • Activity 2: Hold KLV, Win a Share of $8,000 in KLV!

  • Activity 3: Participation Rewards: Win a Share of $5,000 in KLV With Low Threshold!

The campaign is already running, it started at 10:00:00 on February 24, 2021, and goes to 10:00:00 on March 3, 2021 (UTC).

Click below to learn more about the KLV Listing Events:

KLV up more than 80% in a single week

Klever (KLV) had a great week, partly driven by two factors: the new KLV daily burning mechanism that burns 100% of all Klever Swap fees, and the numerous KLV listings on KuCoin, one of the world’s largest exchanges with over 6 million traders globally.

This week, KLV recorded growth above 45% in one day. with a volume surpassing $4.1M on KLV’s biggest market pair KLV/USDT on KuCoin.com. And if we go to the weekly-basis, KLV rose over 80% despite an overall stagnant crypto market.

Klever Friday Giveaway

In celebration of the new pair KLV/TRX listing on KuCoin Exchange, we’re giving away 50,000 KLV to be shared among 25 lucky winners!

To participate, you just need to Like & RT the tweet below, follow our official Twitter account @klever_iofor a chance to win 2,000 KLV!

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