Klever Weekly Newsletter – January 14

Klever enables Polkadot Chain support and is ready to launch new NFT features in Klever Exchange. Metaverse is here, learn more about this revolution.

Klever & Polkadot collaborate to enable the DOT token in the Klever ecosystem

Klever enables Polkadot Chain support in the latest Android version, 4.10.0 of Klever Wallet

Klever has enabled Polkadot parameters inside the Klever Wallet; those features are now part of Klever’s new update 4.10.0 for Android.

New Features include:

  • Polkadot Chain support
  • Polkadot Send/Receive Flow
  • Polkadot Bond/Nominate Flow
  • Polkadot Browser Integration
  • Polkadot Swap

all standard Klever Wallet functionality and more.

What is Polkadot?

Polkadot is an open-source, sharded multichain protocol that connects and secures a network of specialized blockchains, allowing them to transfer any data or assets, not just tokens, and so permitting blockchains to be interoperable.

Klever Exchange to launch new NFT features

In order to provide more unique services, Klever Exchange will be rolling out a new service that will allow users to deposit, withdraw, buy & sell their NFTs.

From 17 January, users will be able to deposit, withdraw, sell and buy NFTs on the Klever Exchange platform. The feature will allow users to connect their wallets and list NFTs on the platform. Additionally, the platform will have a web3 integration that will allow the user to connect directly with Klever Wallet (coming soon), Wallet Connect, Tronlink, and many more.

Giving out more details on this, Felipe Rieger, Product Manager for Klever Exchange and Head of NFT said, “The feature will be live on 17 January 2022. Apart from trading on NFTs, users can also trade cryptocurrency with a single Klever ID account.”

NFTs can be created on various blockchains, but the higher gas fees are a concern for creators, collectors, and buyers and Klever Exchange solves this problem.

Video: Securing your crypto the Klever way should always be top of mind

Security should never be underestimated. Check out these tips to make sure your cryptocurrency is safe and secure.

If you found the tips in this video helpful, please do share it with your friends. And if you see any unofficial groups you might recognize as a scam, please do report them, and of course, notify the Klever team if any suspicious users approach you.

Enjoy your financial freedom with Klever by simply keeping your 12 Words Seed and private keys safe. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t forget to like the video, subscribe in the channel and hit the notification button. 😉

Excellent Customer Support has the power to transform a business

Klever customer support is exemplary, fast and educational

Many factors contribute to the current and future popularity of a project among its users and prospective customers.

In order for a business to grow and succeed, a high level of customer support is necessary. Whether they are in the food and beverage industry, telecoms, or information technology, large corporations need customer support to reach and retain their customers. They contact customer service for questions or problems related to products or services.

The customer support department of Klever seems to have superhuman capabilities which some robots can’t match. In a supersonic manner, the team resolved 53% of the tickets within 1 day and 43% within 24-72 hours. – James Enajite

Metaverse is here, and you are among the early investors

It is widely believed that 2022 will be a turning point for the Metaverse and if you believe in crypto, you are already in the driver’s seat

Since Zuckerberg announced the transition to Meta, the topic hasn’t stopped being talked about. Meta is already changing the game in a race that hasn’t even started yet. The power of technology is fast and resilient. Of course, the whole world is already warming up its engines to be a part of the competition. 

However, some companies have always believed in a digital world with digital values. Companies and users who have already adopted virtual assets and have warned everyone for a while: “trust the digital revolution – it’s here and it’s coming”. 

So if you read this, you will probably be one step ahead in the race because you’re probably one of them. Yes, we are talking about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

The day the first Bitcoin was transferred

The first Bitcoin (BTC) was transferred to Hal Finney, an American developer from BTC’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009.

Even since the first BTC transaction was made to American software developer Hal Finney, BTC has just completed 12 years into uninterrupted service to mankind.

Since entering its 13th year of service, the technology has never been down. It is now leading the race for crypto adoption worldwide. In January 2009, Hal Finney became the first person to receive 10 Bitcoin from Satoshi Nakamoto. He was also the second person after Satoshi to run the Bitcoin network.

He later confirmed this in a blog written on Bitcointalk forum post in 2009.

I mined block 70-something, and I was the recipient of the first Bitcoin transaction when Satoshi sent ten coins to me as a test. – Hal Finney

It has been years since the first Bitcoin was created, and much has happened since then. Let’s see how this invention changed the world over time? Click below.


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