Klever Weekly Newsletter – January 15

Klever updated its Roadmap and maintained 50% reduced Swap fees. Learn how to Create Additional Accounts in Klever App, while Klever News discussed crypto banks & Bitcoin’s dip spilling over.

Updated Roadmap

We updated our Roadmap for 2021 with new goals along the way, without compromising on our main planned deliverables for the year to come. This updated roadmap speaks to a major advance towards a more comprehensive Klever ecosystem to provide a more useful, intuitive and versatile user experience on all our platforms.

The roadmap is sacred for the Klever Team, a way to be followed without pullbacks, and in spite of the fact that some natural issues can influence our advancement, testing of new features and production environments, more often than not we deliver ahead of set timetable.

With a rapidly growing developers teams, now consisting of more than 50 klever.io developers globally, 2021 will be a defining year for the Klever ecosystem, clearly highlighted in our ambitious roadmap below.

Check out our new and updated Roadmap by clicking the button below!

Klever Swap Fees Reduced by 50%

Klever has decreased all swap fees in the app by 50% in the midst of a flood of new users and expanded volume.

This means that your fees for swapping BTC, KLV, TRX, ETH, USDT, or any of the other 40 major coins and tokens available in Klever Swap have been reduced by half.

Klever Swap now offers direct swap pairs for over 300 key trading pairs, saving users both time and money by offering a helpful and quick approach to convert their crypto assets as a single touch. Klever is a self-custody wallet, giving the guardianship of private keys to users themselves, implying that you have genuine responsibility for your crypto holdings.

How To Create Additional Accounts in Your Klever App

Want to have multiple accounts on multiple blockchains, all managed seamlessly in one wallet? Klever was made for this purpose. Follow the steps on how to create additional accounts in Klever.

Klever app enables our users to create and manage multiple accounts for each blockchain supported in the Klever ecosystem.

This means that you can have an unlimited number of accounts for BTC, ETH, TRX, BNB, LTC, XRP, DOGE, BCH, and DASH in Klever (if you use more than 50 accounts, this requires high-speed internet).

Click the button below to learn how to create multiple accounts or restore all your original accounts from your previous wallet.

First Crypto Bank Granted License By US Regulator OCC

US federal regulators have given the first-ever license for a digital asset bank to crypto firm Anchorage, as increased regulatory clarity from the US would serve to legitimize the crypto industry.

The OCC directive is significant for the entire cryptocurrency industry since it enables big banks and other legacy financial institutions to enter the Bitcoin and crypto market with more confidence and regulatory comfort.

Having regulation be implemented in crypto would open the floodgates to larger institutions, such as pension funds and insurance companies to enter the space with trillions, not billions, of dollars in their coffers. In short, it would be a game-changer.

This move will effectively make Anchorage the first national crypto or digital asset bank on US soil.

Bitcoin Dip Drags Crypto Market Down And Here’s Why It’s A Great Correction

Corrections between 20-40% during an uptrend Bitcoin and crypto bull market are not only natural and common but also necessary to occur in order to remain healthy market conditions.

Always remind yourself that Bitcoin has had a parabolic uptrend since the market crash of March 2020, to close to $42,000 a few days ago. Days ago, on January 4, was the first time in history Bitcoin passed $33k. It is important to note that Bitcoin also recorded its highest 24-hour trading volume on January 11 since BTC’s inception in 2009, as it processed over $116 billion in trading in one single day.

This short-term retracement of Bitcoin can be explained by a temporarily strengthening of the US dollar, Bitcoin miners taking profit, and an overbought BTC market that simply is undergoing a healthy correction.

TronWallet App Shutdown on February 28

Since January 5, we have been alerting our community about TronWallet App Shutdown slated for February 28.

Klever is a complete ecosystem being built by more than 50 developers around the world, with new platforms and long-requested features revealed on Klever Whitepaper and in our Roadmap.

Particularly in 2021, an extraordinary advancement is lying ahead of us with the upcoming launch of Klever Exchange, Klever Blockchain, Klever Browser, Klever Bank, and Klever Bot. Today there is a huge gap between the two apps and if you’re still using the old app, you’re falling behind.

Time to move to our new upgraded Klever App!

Watch the tutorial below and learn how to import your TronWallet accounts to the new Klever App.

To import your TronWallet or any other crypto accounts into Klever, simply input your 12 Seed Words after clicking import account. If you manually imported accounts using private keys, do the same on your Klever App.

Klever Friday Giveaway

The most anticipated day of the week is at long last here! Give you a try to be one of the 25 lucky winners who will share 50,000 KLV. Thus, don’t pass up this great opportunity!

To participate, you only need to Like & RT the tweet below, and follow our official Twitter account @klever_iofor a chance to win 2,000 KLV!

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