Klever Weekly Newsletter – January 22

Klever reached 100k followers on twitter & we celebrate by giving away 100k KLV! We also highlighted how to secure your crypto in Klever, DigiByte’s role in the Klever ecosystem while ETH hit new ATH.

100k Followers on Twitter

The Klever community has grown exponentially and our official Twitter has now passed the milestone of 100,000 followers around the world. We at Klever are humbled and proud to have such an incredibly vibrant and international community of users around the world!

We’re going to continue to do everything to advance our relationship with our community of users by extending our environment, continually presenting new platforms, resources, and features, as we base our work on your feedback and needs.

And that is just the very beginning of Klever’s new great chapter of 2021!

Self-Custody: How To Secure Your Crypto With Klever

Fully owning and controlling the access to your money is one of the main goals of cryptocurrencies, and Klever as a self-custody wallet gives millions of users globally the keys to their own future.

But with great powers, in this case fully owning your keys, comes great responsibility in how to manage those keys and keep your crypto safe.

Security is our main priority, tightly followed by unmatched user experience, and an aggressively growing team of now over 50 full-time developers in Klever, many of whom are specialized in blockchain security architecture. The team today runs over 60 active blockchain nodes on ten major blockchain protocols.

Ethereum Hits New All-Time High

ETH reached new heights as DeFi usage significantly increases while Ethereum blockchain settles more on-chain transaction volume than Bitcoin on a daily basis.

Ethereum’s ETH/USD pair hit a new all-time high (ATH) on January 19, topping trading around $1,440 for the first time since the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency’s launch in 2015.

Nonetheless, ETH has had an impressive ride over recent weeks and days, rising to a market cap above $161 billion. That being said, most do not know that Ethereum now settles more USD value transactions on a daily basis than Bitcoin does. Ethereum processes around $12.3 billion compared with Bitcoin’s $9.3 billion. 

Yes, ETH now settles $3 billion more than BTC daily, which in itself is a remarkable fact that might have some foretelling of Etheruem’s future usage as a currency.

DigiByte (DGB) in Klever – Properties, Speed, Fees & Swap

Go deep and find out the properties, benefits, speed, fees, and decentralization of DigiByte (DGB), and how DGB can be transacted and swapped inside the Klever App.

DigiByte is an open-source blockchain, originally forked off of Bitcoin, aiming to bring a new level of security, affordability, and speed of transactions.

Since the DigiByte blockchain creates blocks every 15 seconds, compared with Bitcoin’s 10-minute block interval, it makes DGB 40x faster than BTC in terms of delivery speed of the transaction.

Klever users have the ability to choose between Economy, Regular, or Priority when sending DGB from the Klever app.

BlackRock, World’s Largest Asset Manager Enters Bitcoin’s Institutional Craze

With more than $8.68 trillion in assets under management, BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager and has just filed papers to allow two of its funds to trade Bitcoin futures.

The move by BlackRock is significant for Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto as an industry since it is the first time that the world’s largest asset manager allows exposure to cryptocurrencies for their clients.

BlackRock entering the Bitcoin market doesn’t come as a surprise and is part of the ongoing and mounting craze driven by institutional players to get exposure to Bitcoin as a hedge against an inflating dollar and unrelenting money printing by The Fed and the world’s central banks.

Klever’s Official Telegram is Open

Our main Telegram channel today has over 45k subscribers and is now open for conversation. This channel aims to encourage a dialogue between our users and the Klever team, providing a safe and valuable exchange of information mediated by our 24/7 Klever admins.

But before joining them, we would like to share some rules and best practices:


  • NEVER send you a private message;

  • NEVER ask for your password or private keys;

  • NEVER ask you to send any coins to any address;

Rules & Best Practices:

  • DO NOT provide personal information to anyone who requests your information on Telegram;

  • If you notice the presence of a SCAM, just help to alert a moderator of the possible threat and they gonna take protective actions;

  • If someone tries to sell or buy a token they will be banned automatically.

In our main Telegram channel, everyone must speak in English, if you want to talk in your native language there are other official Klever channels on Telegram, to obtain more information and be redirected to other official channels, request assistance from one of our representatives.

Klever Friday Giveaway

This Klever Friday Giveaway is a special one this week as we celebrate our recent achievement of 100k Followers on Twitter, so we’re giving away 100,000 $KLV, which will be shared by 100 lucky winners!

To participate, you just need to Like & RT the tweet below, follow our official Twitter account @klever_io, and join us on our official Telegram @klever_io for a chance to win 1,000 KLV!

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