Klever Weekly Newsletter – January 8

To kick off 2021, we lowered Klever Swap fees with 50% & introduced new KLV Staking rate at 10% APR. Meanwhile, KBTC & KETH stablecoins now have 80+ Swap Pairs w/ 0% conversion rate in the Swap tool.

Klever Swap Fees Reduced by 50%

Amid explosive growth in users and volume, Klever Swap will be offering 50% reduced swap fees for a limited period, enabling users globally to swap one crypto to another with one click in Klever.

Klever has reduced all Swap fees in the app by 50% amid a surge in new users and increased volume. Klever Swap now offers direct swap pairs for over 200 key trading pairs, saving users both time and money by offering a convenient and fast way to convert cryptocurrencies as a one-click solution. Klever is a self-custody wallet, giving the custody of private keys to the users themselves, meaning that you have true ownership of your BTC, KLV, ETH, TRX, and other crypto holdings.

For Bitcoin alone, Klever allows you to Swap BTC to and from 8 blockchain coins and over 37 different tokens based on the Ethereum, Tron, and Binance blockchains, all in a seamless, secure, and fast way.

New KLV Staking Rate at 10% APR

After January 1, 2021, the new Klever Staking rate is 10% APR, in line with our interest rate roadmap, which started with 16% APR at its launch in August 2020.

It is important to note that at the end of 2020 that 49.8% of all KLV was staked and frozen inside the Klever app, an incredible achievement for such a young token. And if we consider, that this number has grown substantially since then, which means that 2.14B $KLV is staked out of 4.29B coins in circulation.

So, stake your KLV now and keep it frozen yearly for a 10% APR, and remember that you can claim your earnings hourly inside Klever App.

Click below and calculate how much you can earn by Staking KLV at Klever.

Wrapped KBTC & KETH Now Allows Near-Instant Swaps in Klever

Klever’s wrapped Bitcoin (KBTC) and Klever Ethereum (KETH) stablecoins offer fast, flexible, and very cheap transactions, and is now available to Swap with over 80 trading pairs in Klever Swap.

The KBTC and KETH tokens are part of our stablecoin family to be used inside all Klever products and users can conduct a Swap in Klever App with the wrapped KBTC and KETH in under 2 minutes.

There is no fee to convert between BTC to KBTC or ETH to KETH, meaning that the stablecoins come with huge benefits for the user choosing to use wrapped BTC or ETH stablecoins in Klever in the form of KBTC and KETH. This means that users gain in speed, 0% fees converting between the main coin and Klever’s KBTC and KETH stablecoins. Try out KBTC and KETH today in Klever.

Bitcoin Set a New All-Time High Above $40,000

Bitcoin (BTC) surged over 300% in 2020 alone and broke a new all-time high on January 7 above the psychological barrier of $40,000. It has taken BTC less than three weeks after Bitcoin passed its previous all-time high of $20,000 to reach the new one at $40,000, a 100% increase in price.

“Be Your Own Bank“ is an often recurring slogan for the Bitcoin movement, as the BTC network gives its holders the freedom, ability, and uncensorship to send, receive and hold value in a borderless, permissionless, and trustless system.

Bitcoin is frequently breaking records and making notable advances when we put the mainstream global market in perspective, over the last year Klever covered several related news and articles.

You can check out some of these must-read articles below:

  1. Bitcoin Breaks Historic Half A Trillion Market Cap

  2. Bitcoin Dominance Reaches New Heights

  3. Bitcoin vs Gold

  4. How to Invest in Bitcoin Securely, by Klever CEO Dio Ianakiara

  5. US Dollar money printing powering Bitcoin’s rise

Crypto Market Reaches $1 Trillion Dollar Milestone

The total combined market cap of the entire cryptocurrency market breached a major milestone as it surpassed $1 trillion.

Right after we published the article about How Bitcoin Breaks Historic Half A Trillion Market Cap, the total market cap of the combined global cryptocurrency market surpassed $1 trillion for the first time ever symbolizing a major milestone for the entire crypto industry. The rise above $1 trillion comes after Bitcoin (BTC) sets a new all-time high above $40,000 per coin on January 7.

Meanwhile, assisting the rally above the $1 trillion total market cap for all of crypto, the second-largest digital asset, Ethereum (ETH), increased more than 800% over the past 12 months. ETH today has a current market cap exceeding $140 billion.

Klever Friday Giveaway

The most awaited day of the week is finally here! And once again, you can be one of the 25 lucky winners who will share 50,000 KLV.

So, don’t miss out! To participate, you only need to Like & RT the tweet below, and follow our official Twitter account @klever_iofor a chance to win 2,000 KLV!

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