Klever Weekly Newsletter – Jul 2

Klever Exchange officially launches with Klever featured in the media. LunarCRUSH hosts a talk with Klever team. New Klever Update 4.2.3 is live & the 6th CTO Report provides details on #KleverEx.

Klever Exchange Officially Launches!

After 3 years of development, Klever Exchange was launched to provide a simple, intuitive, safe, and powerful user experience where literally anyone can trade, with unmatched trading speed and advanced security architecture.

The Google Play version for Android is now live, and the iOS version of Klever Exchange will be released on July 30, while the web version is set to launch on August 30.

Klever Exchange is built to be a borderless and global trading platform where literally “anyone can trade”.

Klever Exchange was created as a home to users who are completely new to crypto trading by providing a simpler user experience while enabling reliability and useful features to experienced traders through market-leading speed, ironclad security, and lower fees for all.

Read more about Klever Exchange in the Whitepaper at: klever.io/en/exchange/Klever_Exchange_Whitepaper.pdf

Click below to Download Klever Exchange:

Klever Exchange Featured

The launch of Klever Exchange was announced by recognized media channels such as Yahoo Finance, Bitcoinist.com, and U.Today News.

Klever Exchange on Yahoo Finance

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL / ACCESSWIRE / June 30, 2021 / After 3 years of development, Klever Exchange is finally live on Google Play Store, ushering in a new era for crypto trading based on simplicity, market-leading speed, ironclad security and world-class support.

Yahoo Finance

Read the full article: Klever Exchange is Live! – Trading is Difficult, But it Shouldn’t Be

Klever Exchange on Bitcoinist.com

Klever.io, the creator of the popular Klever Wallet with over 3 million downloads, 150k daily active users and more than half a million monthly active users, has officially launched its own Klever Exchange to the public on Google Play Store.


Read the full article: Klever Exchange Officially Launches on Mobile | Bitcoinist.com

Klever Exchange on U.Today

The most sophisticated traders will enjoy extremely low fees and powerful market making opportunities. As a result, all users of the new mobile application will receive a secure, reliable and fast trading tool.

Peak throughput of the new mobile application is estimated at 3 million transactions per second which is unparalleled for the segment of centralized crypto-to-crypto exchanges (CEXs).


Read the full article: Klever Exchange (KLV) Goes Live (u.today)

Klever Exchange talk on LunarCRUSH’s Twitter Spaces

One day before Klever Exchange launch, on June 29th, @LunarCRUSH  hosted the Klever team and KLV community in a live Twitter Spaces to talk about the launch.

The conversation hosted by LunarCRUSH on the Twitter Spaces platform had as its main topic – The Launch of Klever Exchange – and at some point had more than 300 simultaneous participants listening to the Klever team talk about their new project with enthusiasm. The team included the participation of Head of Klever Exchange, Marlon Gomes, Head of Customer Support Mathijs Bok, Director of Communications Misha Lederman, and also the great supporter and investor Sam “The Carpet Man”.

In more than an hour of discussion, the team addressed the following topics:

  • Security

  • 3M transactions per second

  • Klever ID

  • Klever Custody

  • Klever Support Team

  • Lower fees for all

  • A new generation of user experience

We bring you the full audio of the conversation, simply press play below, and listen to this productive discussion about the Klever Exchange and much more:

New Klever Update 4.2.3 Available

Klever App Update 4.2.3 is live for iOS and Android, and introduces the following new features:

  • Simplex payment/checkout flow improvements;

  • Added USDT-ERC20 & USDT-TRC20 as fixed tokens;

  • Added Discord on settings screen.

Technical Development Report, by CTO Bruno Campos

In the 6th edition of our Technical Development Progress Report, the team prepared for the release of Klever Exchange for Android.

The last week before the mobile Klever Exchange launch, so you can imagine how challenging it was! And the team once more came through on all tasks. I just want to say thanks to all Klever Team members for the awesome job done and let’s keep the pace! Thank you also to the global KLV community for the constant support and feedback. All we do, we do for you! – Klever CTO, Bruno Campos.

This week, the Klever team was fully focused on the Klever Exchange launch, and presented the overall progress of Klever’s top teams.

Click below and read the full report.


Klever Team

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