Klever Weekly Newsletter – July 16

Klever announces DVK Burn-Mining Event for July 23, Travala adds KLV as payment & Klever twitter gets verified. New CTO Report about Klever Custody while Klever News is on fire with crypto insights.

Devicoin (DVK) Burn-Mining Event July 23

Klever Labs is happy to announce that we will host the first KLV burn-mining for an NFT game project, Devikins, and their native token Devicoin (DVK). The DVK burn-mining event will transpire over the course of 24 hours on July 23 at a rate of 20:1 (DVK:KLV).

What’s DVK?

DVK is a cryptocurrency that can be traded and withdrawn in the real world, earned by playing Devikins, a mobile RPG game releasing later this year.

Each character in the game is represented by a unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in the blockchain, and backed up by DVK itself, the utility token used as the main currency of Devikins and although a game currency with real world value. There will be an online marketplace to buy and sell Devikins NFT.

Players will be able to stake their DVK in the Klever Wallet. Staking returns will be 16% APR initially (within the first month of staking), don’t miss this opportunity and learn more by clicking on the button below:

Travala.com adds KLV as payment option

Travala.com has officially added Klever’s KLV token as a payment option to book over 3 million travel products worldwide!

Over 600 airlines, more than 2.2 million properties, and 400k global activities are now available at your fingertips with Klever (KLV) as a payment option on Travala.com, the world’s leading blockchain-based travel booking platform and Klever’s strategic partner. 

“Continuing our commitment towards mass cryptocurrency adoption, we’re very excited to partner with Klever to champion the growth of the crypto community and to bring a new use case to the KLV Token. Klever is all about enabling their users to spend crypto easily so this is a perfect synergy.

Steve Hipwell, COO & co-founder of Travala

Also, to celebrate KLV as a new payment method on Tralava.com, we’re giving away 50,000 $KLV to be shared among 10 lucky winners!

To participate, you just need to Like & RT the tweet below, follow our official Twitter account @klever_io & @travalacom and comment “Travel with #KLV”, for a chance to win 5,000 KLV!

For more information about this partnership, click below:

Klever Twitter Gets Verified

Being verified on our official Twitter account is a major milestone internationally for us at Klever. Something we’ve wanted for a long time, to improve and ensure communication is safe, verified and ensured with our users and followers.

Klever’s twitter was officially verified on July 13th, and now we are one of the few pages on crypto space that have it, and it couldn’t be done without the support of our followers, partners, friends, and collaborators.

One small step for klever, one giant leap for safety!

-Misha Lederman, Director of Communications at Klever

We’d like to thank everyone who made this possible by making our page known as a source of reliable information!

Technical Development Report: Klever Custody

Welcome to the 8th edition of our Technical Development Progress Report, this week, our Klever’s Software Engineer of the Klever Labs, will share some details about our Klever Custody product, Kustody.

This week we presented João Beróni, our software engineer of the Klever Labs squad.

Compared to the Klever Wallet app, Kustody will have the possibility of having several users sharing the same wallet, and transactions can be signed by multiple users simultaneously. -Klever’s Software Engineer of the Klever Labs, João Beróni.

João brought us some technical details about the Klever Custody service that empowers the Klever Exchange. Click below and take a deeper dive into one of our newest products in the Klever ecosystem that is not even made public on our roadmap yet. Is that a good surprise or what?!

Let’s enjoy it!

Crypto in India, Massive Room for Growth

With the Indian government giving positive signals on the adoption of crypto and blockchain technology, the market is clearly ripe for massive growth throughout India for both Klever and crypto.

This interesting article written by Jagdish Kumar, our Klever News Editor provides an overview of crypto regulation in India, and how the ground is being prepared for mass adoption since good news is coming from global crypto sphere.

Good news for crypto growth and adoption eventually came, and most recently the tiny nation of El Salvador announced the legal tender of Bitcoin as an official currency. With this move, many smaller countries are now mulling to go that route. India too, which was looking to totally ban cryptocurrencies in the past, has now looked into the importance of blockchain and the problems it can solve for the country. -Jagdish Kumar

Simplicity is a Klever purpose

Klever is a platform that listens to its users and works in line with the future of the project to make life as simple as possible for everyone coming on board. Simplicity is the purpose of Klever.

Simplicity is not only present in our products and services but also in our work, in this article written by James Enajite, Klever Admin in Nigeria, he explains how simplicity is part of Klever’s culture and how it helps us in the production of our projects.

The purpose of life is far from being hard, when people have the intention to make it look and feel simple. There are clearly different perspectives to what people ascribe the purpose of life to mean, but to keep it simple might be one. -James Enajite

Crypto vs Fiat

As the battle of the future of global finance intensifies between legacy finance world represented by fiat & the new world of decentralized finance in crypto, we compare these starkly different assets

Learn the differences between fiat and cryptocurrencies in this article written by Jagdish Kumar, our Klever News Editor that goes deep into comparing the two options, giving an overview of each aspect, as technology advances and the demand for a more secure monetary system grows.

As the world is moving toward a cashless society at an increasingly rapid rate, the global financial system around is transforming right before our eyes. This latest movement away from cash kick-started with development of the world’s first digital and decentralized cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, launched in 2009. -Jagdish Kumar

Read the article and see who wins this battle.



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