Klever Weekly Newsletter – July 23

New Referral Program is live with Update 4.2.4. DVK Burn-Mining finishes in under 1 hour. Klever News explains CDBC, highlights crypto advances on India, Africa & more.

Klever Launches New Referral Program

Update 4.2.4 introduces the new referral program where you can invite your friends to Klever Wallet and get up to 0.5% of every swap your friends make in Klever Swap!

This week Klever enabled a new referral program through the latest app update, now you can start sharing your referral code to your friends, family, or followers (if you are an influencer). What are you waiting for? Start earning passive income with Klever’s new Referral Program. Learn how it works by reading the full article.

The new referral program is available in Klever’s latest Update 4.2.4, which is available for both Android and iOS!

DVK Mining Finishes In Under 1 Hour!

Klever Labs is proud to say that the first KLV burn-mining event for an NFT game project, Devikins, exceeded all expectations. The 24-hour event ended early with 20,000,000 KLV burned to mine DVK in less than 1 hour.

Klever Labs is happy to announce the first KLV burn-mining for an NFT game project, Devikins, and their native token Devicoin (DVK). The DVK burn-mining started today, July 23, and it had a maximum mining pool of 20,000,000 KLV that could be sent over 24 hours, however, one hour seemed like a lot as the pool was filled in less, at a rate of 20:1 (DVK:KLV).

Take a look at the mining pool page and learn more about this prominent project incubated by Klever Labs, and developed by MoonLabs Studios.

What’s DVK?

DVK is a cryptocurrency that can be traded and withdrawn in the real world, earned by playing Devikins, a mobile RPG game releasing later this year.

Each character in the game is represented by a unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in the blockchain, and backed up by DVK itself, the utility token used as the main currency of Devikins and although a game currency with real world value. There will be an online marketplace to buy and sell Devikins NFT.

A Devikin NFT character gets several features to highlight their uniqueness in the real world that translate as mechanics in the game. For more details, click here: https://devikins.com/?page_id=72

Click below to learn more about the mining event.

Self-banking Africa with Klever

The African continent suffers from one of the highest rates of unbanked worldwide, but apps like Klever offers the new generation a way to self-bank and take charge of their financial independence.

The need for financial liberation and its actualization is a concept that has been propagated since the advent of traditional financial institutions such as commercial banks. Learn what self-banking is and how Klever products can provide financial freedom to an entire continent that is suffering impositions by banks and conventional financial institutions as the demand for blockchain technology, decentralization, and independence exponentially grows.

Klever has transformed everyone who owns a mobile phone into a bank for themselves. – Klever Nigeria Admin, James Enajite.

CBDC is not a cryptocurrency

It is unlikely that Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) will make cryptocurrency obsolete. Instead, their potential introduction will likely increase the adoption and acceptance of cryptocurrencies worldwide.

Seeing the impact and massive potential of cryptocurrencies globally, sovereign countries are now working tirelessly to launch their own digital currencies. Read this article to fully understand what CDBCs are, their properties, and their differences from cryptocurrencies.

In an obvious attempt to emulate cryptocurrencies and digitize their own currencies, global central banks funded and operated by governments have been working on their own digital currencies, which are popularly known as Central Bank Digital Currency, or CBDC. – Klever News Editor, Jagdish Kumar.

Blockchain use cases growing in India

For a country like India, blockchain offers unique possibilities of addressing issues relating to improving both governance & private sector challenges. Let’s explore what’s happening on the ground.

Underlining the importance of blockchain technology, many international organizations and technology companies have been highlighting the benefits of its application in reducing costs of operation and compliance, as well as in improving efficiencies. Let’s explore some industries and sectors where blockchain technology is bringing substantial benefits.

Blockchain has emerged as the new technology that can transform government and private sector operations. – Klever News Editor, Jagdish Kumar.

Crypto can revolutionize global remittances Part I

By streamlining the process of cross-border payments, make it cheaper & more efficient, decentralized cryptocurrencies powered by blockchain can play a major role in cutting costs.

Today, 800 million people globally depend on remittances sent by migrant workers to support their families. However, over 8% to 10% of the money gets deducted as commissions for using remittance service. Let’s look at some important ways cryptocurrencies can disrupt and revolutionize the remittance industry.

In order to streamline the process of cross-border payments, make it cheaper and more efficient, decentralized cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology can play a major role in cutting remittance costs. – Klever News Editor, Jagdish Kumar.

What African Youth Are Finding in Crypto

Blockchain technology & cryptocurrencies are giving youths throughout the African continent a new opportunity for growth & freedom, evident in the growing adoption of crypto among African youth.

Africa has been viewed from the lens of a developing continent, and as such, the rate of growth in all sectors from infrastructure, healthcare, telecommunication, good roads, governance, economy, and finance has witnessed a significant growth rate on paper. In this article, we go deep to understand what African youth are thinking of crypto, click below to read this interesting article.

Dynamism is the bane of an evolving world; this is evident in the developmental strides of blockchain technology and the entire cryptocurrency space. – Klever Nigeria Admin, James Enajite.



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