Klever Weekly Newsletter – July 30

Klever & Reef Finance announce strategic partnership to enable Reef Mainnet migration in Klever, as KFI Staking & DVK Staking goes live. Klever News brings sequences & important crypto topics.

Klever & Reef Finance Partnership Enables Reef Mainnet Migration

The strategic partnership enables the only liquidity bridge from REEF (ETH & BSC) to Reef Mainnet through Klever Swap, empowers Reef Staking as Klever becomes first external validator on Reef Mainnet.

The Klever and Reef teams have been working jointly for months to enable the partnership parameters inside Klever app, and the new features are available in Klever’s new Update 4.3.0 for Android and iOS.

This partnership with Klever is a massive step forwards in terms of decentralization and we are deeply impressed by the professionalism and success of their team. It’s with great pleasure that we announce our new liquidity bridge and staking capabilities with Klever.
-Denko Mancheski, Founder of Reef Finance.


  • REEF Network support in klever app

  • REEF Mainnet Swap

  • REEF Staking (Bond and Nominate)

  • REEF Nomination of Validators (Votes)

  • Klever as first external validate on REEF Mainnet

Click below and learn how to:

  • Swap Reef (ETH & BSC) to Reef Mainnet token in Klever Swap;

  • Use Bonding (Staking) on Reef Chain in Klever;

  • Nominate (Vote) for Klever as validator on Reef Chain.

New Update: KFI Staking & DVK Staking Goes Live

Update 4.2.5 introduced support for Klever Finance Token (KFI) Staking & Devicoin (DVK) Staking in Klever app. The update is now available for both Android and iOS.

DVK Token was successfully distributed on July 29 and in order to be eligible for the DVK airdrop as well as future airdrops of tokens created in the Klever ecosystem, KFI holders needed to stake their KFI in Klever app.

Devicoin (DVK) was created during last week’s KLV burn-mine event, where an overwhelming demand for DVK led to the designated hard cap being filled after less than 60 seconds and the 24-hour event ended early with over 50,000,000 KLV burned to mine DVK in less than 1 hour.

Click below to learn more about KFI Staking & DVK Staking.

Crypto & Remittances – Part II

In this part, we highlight the countries and regions that will gain from the increased adoption of crypto for cross-border payments and remittances.

In Crypto & Remittances Part I, we explored the benefits crypto can provide to the global remittances industry in terms of speed, low cost, fairness, transparency, and other disruptive benefits.

With the adoption of crypto, remittances would become fast, cheap, reliable and fully secure. It will also help billions of unbanked to be included in the mainstream financial system. – Klever News Editor & PhD, Jagdish Kumar.

This article is full of genuine data and important information about this global demand, diving deep into the problem to understand how crypto can revolutionize remittances around the world, and how this has already started to happen.

Click below for a better understanding.

What Klever means to me, by James Enajite Klever Admin

In all the dimensions of people’s thoughts of what Klever is, the most fascinating perception of what Klever seems to be is the fact that Klever means simplicity.

In order to gain the power to inspire its community, first, Klever needs to inspire its team of professionals, otherwise, it could not happen. In this article you’ll see Klever through the lens of James Enajite, our Klever Admin in Nigeria, and learn from him that simplicity doesn’t mean less, it means being complete but still choosing what truly matters.

This in my opinion encapsulates the totality of what Klever stands for and means. Simplicity. – Klever Admin, James Enajite.

Africa & crypto adoption

Crypto adoption throughout the African continent and throughout the world relies on prominent projects working together as partners and not as competitors. On this front, Klever is showing the way.

The crypto adoption seems to be something natural, the question is not if it will happen, but when it will happen. And we can easily understand after reading this article that explains how blockchain and crypto technology is already being adopted and how it seems to be a game-changer for the current monetary system.

To offer freedom of choice over your own money to billions of people around the world.
– Klever Admin, James Enajite.

Nigeria is becoming a blockchain hub

The green nation is becoming a blockchain development hub, with a combination of government initiatives & a young population ready to lead Africa into a more thriving, transparent & profitable future.

Some countries are really understanding faster that technology is a solution and not a problem, Nigeria is one of those, and it could become a great hub for global awareness around the subject. For them, the term ‘blockchain’ and ‘blockchain technology’ is obviously a word or term whose time has come and may not go away for a long period of time.

Blockchain is actually a whole new paradigm whereby all sectors can be developed and run uninterrupted as in the case of finance where people can actually move funds seamlessly globally without any intermediary or third party. – Klever Admin, James Enajite.



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