Klever Weekly Newsletter – Jun 11

KLV listed on SimpleSwap, as India raises $1B for Covid Relief Fund. Klever Use of Google’s Kubernetes Engine & brings a new CTO Report. El Salvador as 1st Bitcoin Nation & Klever moves to Discord.

KLV Goes Live on SimpleSwap with 300+ Trading Pairs

Klever is happy to announce that KLV is now listed at SimpleSwap.io with over 300 direct trading pairs, including BTC, ETH, TRX, BNB, XRP, USDT and many others.

SimpleSwap is an instant cryptocurrency exchange. The service is free from sign-up and has a user-friendly interface that provides an easy exchange process. SimpleSwap offers more than 300 crypto and fiat currencies, while both floating and fixed rates are available.

SimpleSwap has a Mobile App that is available on iOS and Android. The platform provides 24/7 support, Loyalty, and Affiliate Programs. SimpleSwap is available in 10 languages.

$1 Billion Raised To India Covid Crypto Relief Fund

The footwork for the fund has been laid down by some of the most trusted names in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Leading the crypto drive to help Covid-19 patients is India’s Crypto Covid Relief Fund. The donations they receive are being used to provide healthcare and essential needs to those fighting Covid-19.

Now, Indian crypto entrepreneurs and global crypto communities have shown the power of crypto philanthropy to the entire world through India’s Covid Crypto Relief fund amid India’s battle with the second wave of #COVID19 by raising $1.039 billion till date.

The development shows the true potential blockchain technology has in transforming the global charity sector and methodology, while having an immediate and real-world positive impact on the ground.

Technical Development Report: Klever Exchange Performance Engineering, by CTO Bruno Campos

Last Sunday we talked about our performance engineering used by the Klever tech team, our Performance Engineering Process is part of our #devsecops squad with cross-field specialists who joined the #KleverEx squad to apply their expertise.

These are the processes behind the scenes that enable us to build the Klever Exchange, a High Performance Exchange, with our overarching goal to be a cheaper exchange, making possible to process huge amount of trades with small amounts and low fees.

Click below and dive deeper into the Performance Engineering used to power the upcoming Klever Exchange.

Klever’s Use of Google’s Kubernetes Engine to Deliver Excellence, by Head of DevSecOps Vinícius Niche Correa

How Klever leverages Google’s open-source platform Kubernetes to deliver excellence and reliable services to its users worldwide, by Klever’s Head of DevSecOps Vinícius Niche Correa.

I have always loved technology and was eager to learn since my early days, by myself, from others, personally or over the internet. It was this passion that led me to start my professional career as a developer, specifically with Java at the time and eventually jumping into the infrastructure world. 

The combination of these experiences gave me the wider perspective needed to help on the architecture and process enhancements for Klever’s solutions.

Klever’s software architecture of our operations using Kubernetes, along with other scalable and flexible development tools, assist us in achieving this goal, so our users can enjoy the most reliable and high-performance app experience technologically possible.

El Salvador – The First Bitcoin Nation?

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele has taken an important step when he announced during the Bitcoin 2021 Conference in Miami that his government intends to pass a bill to make Bitcoin a legal tender in the country.

Today’s system for remittance is however a slow and ridiculously costly process where up to 20% of the money sent back home are lost to fees and middlemen taking their cut along the way. President Bukele aims to fix this problem by instead introducing Bitcoin as a means of exchange for this remittance sector.

Learn more about the local and global impact of the first nation to adopt Bitcoin by taking the bold step to recognize BTC as a legal tender and national currency.

Klever Moves Community Channels To Discord

The entire Klever team is excited & looking forward to growing relationships with our community members through transparency & using channels that assist us to do so while combating industry scams.

The decision to migrate all Klever community channels to our Discord, is a move that will provide the platform we hope to grow with and utilize in order to create a healthy and growing community that will be an essential part of the Klever ecosystem.

Click below and find out how to start your journey, we’ve made a guide to assist you every step of the way to join the official Klever Discord today!


Klever Team

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