Klever Weekly Newsletter – Jun 18

The Making of Klever Exchange by Head of KleverEx Marlon Gomes & Monitoring to Improve Service Quality by Klever Engineer Kadu Barral. CTO Report on Klever Swap & Klever Top 15 Promising Projects.

The Making of Klever Exchange, by Head of Klever Exchange – Marlon Gomes

By listening to the feedback of our community and aggregating that with the vast experience of an amazing team, we had the opportunity to put our technical efforts on the right path by creating a new generation of trading experience with Klever Exchange.

Since the beginning, we at Klever have been working on a lot of crypto products to make the life of our users be empowered by the benefits of cryptocurrencies in an easy and accessible way.

“Our business always aims for a direction where we are able to see how a new feature or product will solve a real life problem in the daily challenges of our users in each part of the world. Klever Exchange is the current culmination of those efforts.” Head of Klever Exchange – Marlon Gomes

Klever’s Continuous Software Monitoring to Improve Service Quality, by Site Reliability Engineer Kadu Barral

You’ve probably heard about DevOps practices and how it helps to continuously deliver better products and services. If not, I invite you to read this article, with a slightly deeper explanation about this.

Let’s talk about Monitoring, which is an important part of the application lifecycle used in DevOps. By using this science, Klever keeps eyes constantly open to ensure high performance & availability of services, helping not just to solve problems but also enable continuous performance improvement.

For years, monitoring was just thought of as a way to discover when problems happen and alert the responsible team to solve it. We don’t think that is a Klever way to work, since monitoring gives us a lot of insights and just using this during troubleshootings is a waste of precious data and information. – Klever Site Reliability Engineer Kadu Barral

Technical Development Report With Focus on Klever Swap, by CTO Bruno Campos

Welcome to the 4th edition of our Technical Development Progress Report where today we’ll learn more about the tech that powers the Klever Swap mechanism inside the wallet.

This week let’s talk about the tech behind the Klever Swap mechanism. Directly integrated into the wallet, the swap machine makes possible to exchange assets multi-chain in a fully decentralized way, from wallet to wallet. Independent on which blockchain the user is swapping coins from or two.

Klever Swap finally addressed the need I felt in my early days in the crypto space. No tradingview, no complexity, no obstacles. Instead, we simply replaced the difficult process with pure simplicity. Just an easy and intuitive execution for the exchange, from my own wallet, to my own wallet. – Klever CTO Bruno Campos

See how was the journey to make Klever Swap the most valued feature of Klever Wallet. Click below and read the full article.

Bitcoin price breaks above $40k this week

After a gradual rebound from its recent low of nearly $30,000 last week, on June 14, Bitcoin broke the psychological resistance of the $40,000 again after a two-week decline.

BTC is currently trading below $36k (at time of writing), but this has been a barrier-breaking week. According to CoinGecko statistics, on June 14, BTC was trading over $40,852, which represents an approximate increase of 13% from the day prior. As demonstrated in the figure below, Bitcoin’s price hasn’t traded above $40,000 since May 27.

We can likely relate this recovery of the BTC price with the recent news of El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele managed to pass the bill to make Bitcoin a legal tender in the country. After all, this was an important move to improve the perspective of Bitcoin and the entire crypto space in the medium and long term.

El Salvador seems to be the tip of the iceberg, as other countries are following the vote in the Salvadoran assembly, politicians in Argentina, Brazil, Panama, and Paraguay took to social media to endorse the decision. Of these nations, it is increasingly probable that Paraguay will follow El Salvador’s lead or, at the very least, turn out to be a crypto-friendly legislative country.

One man in particular is leading the way in Paraguay: Carlos Rejala, a Paraguayan congressman, alluded on June 6 to an “important initiative” that will “innovate Paraguay in front of the globe” after expressing his support for Bukele on social media.

“As I have been saying for a long time, our country must move forward hand in hand with the new generation. The moment has come, our moment”, Carlos Rejala tweeted.

Klever Among Top 15 Promising Projects

This week, the CEO of gcrypto.media, a media channel that brings analysis and reports on today’s most potential crypto projects, made a tweet listing Klever on the Top 15 Promising Projects with Market Cap Under $250 million.

Generation CRYPTO or “G.CRYPTO” is a well-known media channel about blockchain startups. The channels helps dozens of blockchain projects by creating engaging content on social media to connect projects to their ever-growing audience of thousands of international investors.


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