Klever Weekly Newsletter – Jun 25

The Klever Exchange Whitepaper was released, 6 days ahead of mobile #KleverEx launch. Core Update for Klever Swap complete. Bitcoin.com lists KLV & Klever leads CryptoRank’s Top 10 Financial Projects.

Klever Exchange Whitepaper Release

On June 24, Klever.io was incredibly proud to release the Klever Exchange Whitepaper to the global KLV and crypto community, just six days ahead of mobile app launch on June 30.

The Whitepaper outlines the Klever Exchange vision to provide a simple, intuitive, safe, and powerful user experience where literary anyone can trade, with unmatched speed and advanced security architecture.

“The ultimate trading experience is klever.” – Dio Ianakiara, CEO of klever.io

Watch the Klever Exchange teaser and make sure to read the Whitepaper, you don’t want to miss it!

The full Klever Exchange Whitepaper is available below:

Klever Exchange Countdown Launch

Along with the release of the Klever Exchange Whitepaper, an official countdown is now also available on our official homepage, klever.io.

You’ll be able to keep track of many days, hours, minutes and seconds left until the launch of the innovative trading platform, Klever Exchange.

Klever Exchange will be available on the mobile version for Android at first, and you’ll be able to download it directly from the Google Play Store. Klever Exchange for iOS version is in its final stage of private beta, being tested by the Klever development team and selected beta testers, all to ensure optimal app performance, improvement of trading experience and services scalability.

Web version of Klever Exchange is set to launch next quarter.

You can take a deep look at the Klever Exchange project, including all processes and technical details, by reading the intimate article by our exchange lead: The Making of Klever Exchange, by Head of Klever Exchange Marlon Gomes.

Technical Development Report with Focus on Klever’s Organizational Culture, by CTO Bruno Campos

Klever CTO Bruno Campos: Welcome to the 5th edition of our Technical Development Progress Report where we’ll share more about the company culture of the day-to-day work at Klever.

People that are happy at work are 13% more productive according to Research by Oxford University’s Saïd Business School. Based on those numbers and studies we here at Klever take our organizational culture very seriously, looking to create the best environment for our team members to work and thrive in.

Choose a Job You Love, and You Will Never Have To Work a Day in Your Life.

Being an innovative company is inside our DNA, our culture needs to reflect that fact.

Klever Swap Core Update

A scheduled update was successfully implemented to the Klever Swap core. The update took place on the June 22 between 8pm and 10pm UTC.

The update resulted in a significant improvement in the app’s performance, as faster swap and more flexible infrastructure, making it easier to add new coins for trading.

Talking about Klever Swap and the improvements to our services, we have a great article for you to better understand how Klever cares about the user experience, always looking to improve the response rate and providing solutions for potential problems. Learn how by reading this article: Klever’s Continuous Software Monitoring to Improve Service Quality, by Site Reliability Engineer Kadu Barral.

KLV Gets Listed on Bitcoin.com

On June 22, Bitcoin.com Exchange listed KLV on their trading platform. Bitcoin.com is a recognized platform in crypto, and has a Trust Score of 8 on CoinGecko, with $2,236,177,775 24h trading volume, on June 25.

Bitcoin.com was launched in August 2017 and is a Bitcoin-related web portal. It provides a number of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash services such as purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies. It also features cryptocurrency news, widgets and charts, and an online shop.

You can create an account at: https://exchange.bitcoin.com/signupapp

You can learn more at: https://support.bitcoin.com/en/

KLV Leads the Top 10 Financial Projects in 2021

CryptoRank.io ranked Klever (KLV) as the number 1 performance among financial services projects during 2021. KLV appears in the first place with an incredible growth of +1,292%, ahead of Ripple (XRP) (5) with 184%.

CryptoRank provides crowdsourced and professionally curated research, analysis and market-moving news to help market participants make more informed trading decisions.

Klever leads the Top 10 Gainers Among Financial Services Projects in 2021.

Check out the official tweet below:


Klever Team

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