Klever Weekly Newsletter – Jun 4

KLV is among the top 15 performing cryptos of 2021, & KLV will list on BiKi Exchange. The latest moves surrounding Indian crypto regulation & go deep into a Klever conversation about security.

KLV To List On BiKi Exchange

KLV will be listed on the Asia-focused crypto exchange BiKi on June 7 with KLV/USDT trading pair. The exchange has over 3.5 million users and primarily targets Chinese traders.

With more than 1.3 billion USD in daily volume and a Trust Score of 8/10 by Coingecko, and BiKi’s USDT market is highly dominant among its 236 available trading pairs.

BiKi Exchange was established in 2018 and headquartered in Singapore. The exchange covers digital asset trading, grid trading, derivatives, ETFs, lending product, blockchain technology R&D, blockchain investment, project incubation.

Market Update: India Wants Crypto

#IndiaWantsCrypto is a popular hashtag among Indian crypto enthusiasts, but the call for a new financial system in India is deeper than just a hashtag.

In a new memo released on May 31, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) clarified that Bitcoin and crypto exchanges are not banned in the country, potentially opening up for more regulatory clarity around crypto in the coming months.

India already has over an estimated and potential 150 million users in the cryptocurrency space, and the sector is already valued at over $2 billion .Given the value that it represents, and its potential for growth, a ban seems to be unlikely since it would simply disrupt the growth pace.- Harish Kumar, Klever Customer Support Agent, Bengaluru, India

Does India’s Stance On Crypto Soften?

The latest directive by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) comes against the backdrop of investor communication by various banking entities.

Investors were asked to clarify the nature of these transactions and be aware of the risks associated with crypto and virtual currencies. The mails sent out by these banks in this regard also stated that failure to do so could mean permanent closure of bank accounts and suspension of credit cards.

Let Klever’s own Indian Customer Support Agent Harish Kumar guide you through the latest moves regarding Indian crypto regulation, and what might be coming next as India softens its stance on crypto.

Creators Program: A Klever Conversation On Security

Learn how Peter, a blockchain and IT theoretical expert, convinced his uncle Enzo to become a blockchain enthusiast by reading the full transcript of their conversation on security and self-custody.

The problem of security in the field of cryptocurrencies is extremely important, and this discussion about security demonstrates how seriously Klever takes this matter.

In the case of the Klever wallet it guarantees you the full possession of your money and that you can withdraw or move it as you wish at any time. With Klever, you have the possibility to access multiple blockchains, so with your single wallet, with a single seed you restore and access all the blockchains so the need to jealously guard the seeds becomes more and more important.

KLV Among Top 15 Best Performing Crypto of 2021

Being featured among thousands of crypto projects in development and recognized as one of the 15 best-performing projects in the world year to date of 2021 represents the evolution of Klever and KLV, which has been continuously growing in usability since its foundation. And continues to do so daily.

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