Klever Weekly Newsletter – March 18

We present to you a special weekly newsletter on Blockchain. Watch Misha Lederman's Keynote Speech at Blockchain Africa Conference 2022 & much more.

Klever was live at Blockchain Africa

Watch Misha Lederman’s Keynote Speech at Blockchain Africa Conference 2022

Misha Lederman was live at the Blockchain Africa Conference on the 17th at 10:25 UTC. Klever’s Director of Communications addressed several topics, such as the history of Klever from its early days until its present shape, in addition, he talked about the importance of blockchain technology to promote financial freedom on the African continent, and how Klever has used this to transform the environment, with many use cases around the world.

This virtual edition of Blockchain Africa Conference 2022 ends today, the 18th. However, you can still sign up to receive news about upcoming editions to ensure early access to registration.

Klever Wallet Adds New FTX (FTT) Swap Pairs

To support our community we have introduced 12 new FTT (ERC20) swap pairs.

In May 2019, the crypto derivatives trading platform FTX launched the native cryptocurrency token FTT, and now we have introduced FTT (ERC20) in Klever Swap.

Available FTX (FTT) ERC20 Swap pairs: 

  • FTT/BNB (BEP2) & FTT/BNB (BEP20)

What Is FTX (FTT)?

FTX was founded by some of the largest crypto traders over the past few years, after they found issues with most mainstream crypto futures exchanges, and decided to build their own platform. FTX claims it is unique because of features like clawback prevention, a centralized collateral pool, and universal settlement.

Is blockchain the future? Or is it just a fad?

A wise man once said ”Nothing seems to last forever” this in all iota of truth seems to be very correct but not when put into a proper perspective with a detailed analysis.

The fact remains that paradigms have a life cycle, and until one is able to decipher these cycles, an individual will not be able to flow with the trends and perhaps make the most of them.

Since then, we have heard of several industrial revolutions, and in all sense, such times have defined how the world responds to its outcomes. 

Blockchain disrupting banking & finance

Blockchain technology has revolutionized many sectors, but the banking & finance sector is one sector that has been disrupted the most.

The sector which has been prone to fraud, scams, and cyber-attacks has now found a savior in the cutting-edge blockchain technology that makes all these very difficult.

Blockchain has provided a win-win situation to banks & financial institutions, but more importantly to consumers that are always on the receiving end if any untoward incident takes place. As the world is moving towards cryptocurrency, which is based on blockchain, banks are also moving to meet this challenge.

Covered topics:

  • Cross border remittances
  • Stock trading
  • Syndicated loans
  • Trade finance
  • Digital verification

Let’s check which are the areas in the banking & finance sector, blockchain is bringing change.

How will crypto and blockchain shape the future of finance?

The future of crypto and blockchain has found its roots in an early mathematical model as depicted in the white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto (The ascribed founder of Bitcoin) in the year 2009.

I would like to highlight the key challenges associated with the issue of finance and the creation of money in the traditional finance system (Fiat system). This is in no order of importance.

  • Fiat has unlimited supply;
  • Timestamp transactions;
  • Most of the fiat form of money is backed by nothing.

The above key challenges have led to the present challenges faced by nations all over the world. As this became more evident when Bitcoin was created in 2009.

However, the founder of Bitcoin (Satoshi Nakamoto) was of the opinion that for money to have its value which he has based on mathematical fundamentals, it must have some new characteristics, click below and let’s figure out which ones together.

Africa is a hub for blockchain development

There is currently an increasing demand for high skilled software developers who are within the blockchain technology radar. This is a result of the gradual migration of what seems to be the technological paradigm shift to the blockchain technology era.

There was a time when the core competence of technological knowledge was the reserve of a few nations in the global community, especially during the industrial revolution which saw some nations take prominence as resource nations for such services. 

It was evident that people had to increase their skills in order to be able to feature in such a cadre of technological service. That would in the long run involve a huge cost to be trained and as such only a few people were opportune to work at that level of service. 

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