Klever Weekly Newsletter – March 19

Klever updated the project Roadmap & KFI Mining timeline made it simpler & accessible to all, while an AMA with Klever CEO Dio Ianakiara outlined the mining. KLV will be listed on BW.com on March 22.

UPDATE: KFI Mining To Last Only 3 days (March 22-March 25) – KLV Burn on March 26

The new updated timeline for KFI Mining on March 22-March 25 will make KFI mining simpler & accessible to all. KFI will be distributed based on the proportion of the total KFI mining pool after the 3 days

The only and exclusive public mining event of the governance token of the upcoming Klever Blockchain, the scarce Klever Finance Token (KFI) with just an initial circulating supply of 150,000 KFI, will therefore last for just three days.

To reiterate, 100,000 KFI will be available to mine for the KLV community during the March 22 – March 25 event, KFI will be distributed based on the proportion of the total KLV sent to the KFI mining pool after the 3 days of mining.

The remaining 50,000 KFI that will be minted of the initial supply of 150k KFI will be swapped for the TWLT token after the KFI mining and KLV burn event is concluded.

This new update is in response to rising demand for KFI and after listening to the feedback from the KLV community requesting a simpler and quicker way to mine KFI:

– KFI Mining will now take place between March 22 at 4pm UTC and end only three days later on March 25 at 4pm UTC.

– The available amount of KFI (100,000) will be divided by the entire amount of KLV received and each KLV sent will receive the proportional amount in KFI to which it is entitled. In other words, KFI will be distributed based on the proportion of the total KLV sent to the KFI mining pool after those 3 days of mining.

– All KLV sent to the KFI mining address at klever.io/labs during the mining event will be burned on Friday, March 26, in what is set to become one of the largest coin burns in the history of crypto.

– KFI will be distributed on Monday, March 29 to all mining participants who used their KLV to mine KFI.

Get inside and know all the details by clicking on the button below:

AMA about KFI Mining w/ Klever CEO Dio Ianakiara

This week, you had the opportunity to learn more about KFI Mining on March 22-25 and KLV Burn on March 26 by participating in the AMA with Klever’s CEO Dio Ianakiara, which took place on Klever’s Telegram channel on March 19 at 2pm UTC.

Dio outlined how KFI Mining works and discussed next week’s massive KLV Burn, take a look at some of the addressed questions:

  • What is the KFI Mining & KLV Burn Event?

  • How does KFI Mining work and how do I as a KLV holder join?

  • What is KFI and what is the utility of KFI?

  • & Much more…

If you missed the AMA and want to know all the answers to these questions, no need to worry. Click the button below to read the full transcript.

Updated Roadmap

Klever has a new website that provides a better and seamless experience for all users, but it also brings more information about our widely-requested products and services.

With the new website, we introduced Klever Labs with the KFI Mining and KLV Burn Event and now we are sharing our updated our roadmap and revealing an exciting long-term plan.

Next Steps:

2021 Q1

  • Klever Finance (KFI Mining)

  • Klever Exchange (Private Beta)

  • Klever Browser (Private Beta)

2021 Q2

  • Klever Exchange (Mobile)

  • Klever Browser (Mobile)

2021 Q3

  • Klever 5

  • Klever Bank

  • Klever Blockchain (Testnet)

2021 Q4

  • Klever Hardware Wallet

  • Klever Exchange for Desktop

  • Klever Blockchain 1.0 (Mainnet)

  • KLV and KFI Swap to Mainnet

  • Pre-Staking (Validators)

We also updated:

2022 Q1

2022 Q2

2022 Q3

2022 Q4

2023 Q4

Click on the button below to see what’s beyond the horizon.

OFFICIAL: Klever (KLV) To Be Listed on China-focused BW.com Exchange

We are thrilled to announce that KLV/USDT trading will go live on BW.com on March 22. BW’s has over 2.5 million traders with its largest user base coming from China, with other top markets in Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam & Turkey.

A quick-view of BW.com:

BW is rooted from China and has been in the blockchain sector since 2013. BW has over 2.5 million users and supports 10 languages and communities, with business units in media,mining,exchanges, wallet and crypto asset management, and BW’s popular To-The-Moon Program has attracted many traders in recent years.

Also, KLV has been chosen to be part of BW’s To-The-Moon Program that will start on March 18-March 22, with To-The-Moon Program KLV/USDT trading commencing on March 22. KLV deposits and trading will open on March 29 for users who are not part of the To-The-Moon Program.

Klever on No.1 Crypto & Blockchain Media App in China

Klever has made important partnerships by listing on exchanges focused on China and Southeast Asian Markets, expanding accessibility to KLV globally, for all those who wants financial freedom and no custody services for their crypto.

With this in mind, Jinse Finance, the No. 1 crypto and blockchain media app in China is covering Klever’s (KLV) listing on BW.com, which represents a great achievement in relation to our vision of expansion in Asia.

We translated a part of the article mentioned in the tweet above:

Unlike other crypto wallets, the user have fully control of their private key, and the Klever Team cannot, at any time or in any way have access to the user’s funds or view their private keys.

But this is not the first time that they talk about Klever, which shows the relevance that Klever has gained in the Asian market. You can check out some news below:

Klever Friday Giveaway

To celebrate the KFI Mining on March 22-25 & KLV Burn on March 26, we’re giving away 50,000 KLV to be shared among 25 lucky winners!

To participate, you just need to Like & RT the tweet below, follow our official Twitter account @klever_iofor a chance to win 2,000 KLV!

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