Klever Weekly Newsletter – March 4

Here's what you can expect from K5. We have introduced RNDR & JASMY (ERC20) swap pairs to support our community. Also, learn the importance of the Blockchain Testnet Validator Program.

What to expect from K5: a user view

Creating a crypto wallet with an exceptional experience for its users has been a major challenge for major crypto wallet developers.

Some pioneers in the crypto space for wallet development have been relegated to the background for their inability to mitigate the upsurge of critical system failures and hacks by criminals on their wallet systems.

Others have not updated their platform software and interfaces for a very long time, which has left their users at the mercy of an outdated user interface without proper integration.

The need for continuous development is pertinent for any software or blockchain technology project.

“The technology we used on the Klever 4 app was good, it brought us here, but to get to the next level, we need something more robust. So we decided to make Klever 5 to better scale the application, add new functionalities, and more integration with our users, our marketing, and our analytics. We want to make something that keeps itself sustainable for 5, 10 years to come.” – Vitor Pereira, Klever Wallet Product Manager.

Klever Wallet Adds New JasmyCoin (JASMY) Swap Pairs

To support our community we have introduced 9 new JASMY (ERC20) swap pairs.

Available ERC20 Swap pairs: 


Klever Wallet Adds New Render (RNDR) Swap Pairs

To support our community we have introduced 9 new RNDR (ERC20) swap pairs.

RenderToken (RNDR) is a distributed GPU rendering network built on top of the Ethereum blockchain that connects artists and studios wanting GPU computing power with mining partners willing to offer their GPU resources for rent.

Available ERC20 Swap pairs: 


The importance of Testnet to Blockchain: Validators Program

Testnet is a process to test a blockchain with their own cryptocurrency which is a copy of the original chain’s asset.

In order to test how the blockchain performs in the real environment, developers test it before launching it Mainnet for the public.

To test their blockchain network, developers call on people who might be interested in participating in the testnet mode. Developers often offer rewards for testing it and this is very important, as it tests all the features of the blockchain in a real environment with real people on board.

While errors are being identified on the testnet, developers can upload updates, and the blockchain is mostly never down during the testing phase.

Before we move forward, let us first understand what is a testnet? Click below.

What makes Klever Wallet a unique Crypto Wallet?

There are always distinct characteristics associated with a project or product that is envisioned to be great. Klever Wallet is a no-brainer, combined with the ongoing development within the Klever ecosystem.

To meet the desires and growing demands of our growing global user base, Klever Wallet is continuously exploring new types of products and services. We are building an ecosystem where our users have access to countless useful products and services, which are today limited or unavailable in other wallets.

Wouldn’t it be great if users were able to sell and buy crypto, play games and utilize decentralized finance solutions, make travel bookings, and do shopping online, all in a seamless and secure manner with full anonymity and protected privacy?

In this article, we’re going to highlight some of the unique features of the Klever wallet which sets it apart from other blockchain wallets.

What African youth are discovering about cryptocurrencies

The resilience among the youths in Africa has spawned into a wildfire of determined entrepreneurs who have decided to make a mark for themselves in the areas of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

According to the global financial index, about 57% of Africans are unbanked. As a consequence, there are limitations in terms of access to appropriate loans and credit opportunities, as well as global finance.

However, the bureaucratic bottlenecks involved in opening bank accounts from traditional (centralized) banks and the inefficiency associated with them have left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, especially for those who have created such accounts according to traditional financial institutions.

Small-business owners and entrepreneurs alike face these challenges, and the cost of transactions is a topic for another day.

DBS to unveil crypto trading for retail investors

Crypto space has become a new mantra for banks in 2022, as DBS is mulling to launch crypto trading for retail investors

With a vision to provide another avenue of investments to its clients, Singapore government-owned South East Asia’s largest bank, DBS will be launching crypto trading for all its retail investors.

Investment in crypto has been growing at a very high pace and many of the banks are mulling to enter the crypto space with some of the other services.

With crypto investment attracting huge eyeballs, banks and financial institutions don’t want to miss this opportunity, and taking this very seriously, DBS will be offering crypto trading service from this year.

We are working on making the internal process so robust that clients dealing in crypto will not have to face any issue while trading with us. – Piyush Gupta, DBS CEO.

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