Klever Weekly Newsletter – October 30

Klever (KLV) is now trading at Bitrue Exchange with XRP & BTC pairs, along with a Video AMA, as XRP integration into Klever beta is coming, new Swap pairs for DeFi token YFII & Friday KLV Giveaway.



Week 44, and Klever continues with promising partnerships like the KLV listing on Bitrue Exchange that went live this Thursday, October 29, along with three major events: Video AMA between Bitrue and Klever teams, which is already available to watch, rewards for new users who deposit KLV on Biture & KLV Lockup at 12% APR for Bitrue users.

KLV is now live at Bitrue with XRP & BTC trading pairs

Trading for KLV on Bitrue was initially opened to XRP and BTC trading pairs, with the potential for more KLV pairs to open for trading in the future.

Klever’s next update will include the integration of XRP blockchain into the Klever app, and given that Bitrue house one of the strongest XRP trading communities in the world, the KLV listing on Bitrue comes at an opportune time as Klever soon opens its doors to the global XRP community.

Launched in July 2018, Bitrue is an XRP-centric financial services platform with support for trading, loans and investments. Bitrue aims to use blockchain technology to bring financial opportunities to everyone, regardless of their location or financial position. Bitrue provides services to more than 1.6 million users worldwide and has offices in Silicon Valley and across Asia, and we are very excited to partner up with Bitrue.

Klever AMA with Bitrue

Bitrue conducted an AMA with Klever’s Director of Communications and Marketing Misha Lederman where the topics included Klever App’s new features, imminent XRP integration, Klever Exchange private beta in December 2020, Klever Blockchain testnet in Q1 2021, our partnership & much more. The interview was recorded based on questions from both the Klever and Bitrue communities and is now available to watch!

Watch the full video below:

XRP & Ripple blockchain coming to Klever

Klever revealed on October 30 that the Ripple blockchain with its XRP coin is currently being integrated into Klever app and tested by Klever’s dev team, with full XRP integration to be released in beta next week.

Two events to celebrate the KLV listing on Bitrue

1. Deposit KLV on Bitrue & Share 1,000,000 KLV

A bonus of 1,000,000 KLV is being shared among Bitrue users, and all you need to do to grab yourself a part of it is deposit some of your existing KLV to Bitrue. The amount of this bonus that users receive is proportional to the amount of KLV that users deposit in comparison to the total amount of KLV that all users deposit during the promotional period, so deposit more to earn more.

The event has already started and is ongoing until November 2. Prizes will be distributed by November 20. The maximum prize that can be won by any individual user is 50,000 KLV, and prizes beneath 100 KLV will not be distributed.

2. Invest Klever with Bitrue Lockups at 12% APR

Bitrue and Klever started a special round of lockup investments just for KLV, so as soon as you deposit your coins, the coins will simply grow. Stake KLV for 30 days on Bitrue and get an interest rate of 12% APR. This limited opportunity is already live, take action now so you don’t miss out!

Create an account on Bitrue by clicking here.

New Swap pairs in Klever App

Klever also added Swap pairs for YFII, the token of DFI.Money, to Klever Swap. YFII is a DeFi protocol that facilitates yield aggregation and uses a token halving model to ensure equitable distribution of tokens. It is a fork of YFI. The protocol is particularly popular in the Chinese DeFi market.

Klever Swap now offers direct swap pairs for over 200 trading pairs, saving users time and money by offering a convenient and fast way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies as a one-click solution.

New Friday Giveaway

We’re once again giving away 50,000 KLV to 25 winners within 24 hours, and to participate you only need to Like, RT, follow our official twitter account @klever_io and comment your KLV address on the tweet below for a chance to win 2,000 KLV!

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