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KleverChain Explorer: Blockchain feature explained

KleverChain Explorer is not like etherscan, tronscan, or bscscan; it has more features than anyone else today.

KleverChain is set to launch on 31 March 2022, so let’s see how that will impact how users use other chain explorers right now.

What is a KleverChain Explorer?

KleverChain Explorer, also known as KleverScan is the first blockchain browser/explorer in the Klever ecosystem. 

By using KleverChain, users will have a complete browsing and search experience with all the information they need in real-time. The information contains blocks, transactions, accounts, nodes, assets, validators, market capitalizations, prices, transaction histories, and much more.

The explorer also provides information about all the nodes located around the world. The number of nodes based in the United States is currently 32 while in the testnet phase.  By doing this, KleverChain users will know where all the nodes are located. 

KleverChain never compromises on its transparency, and this Klever feature sets it apart from other chains. The explorer is user-friendly and clutter-free, and will only display the most important aspects of the chain.

The top search bar in Explorer allows users to search by address, block, or transaction.

New blocks 

Users can easily monitor the number of blocks, how many rewards were given out, and how many Klever native tokens (KLV) were burned to date, showing both yesterday and cumulative values.

In addition, Klever Explorer provides access to all transaction details on the KleverChain.

Accounts page

As well as following accounts created over time, users can also view account details, assets, and transaction records.

Transactions list

With KleverChain, users can get a complete list of all transactions running on the blockchain, with powerful filters like coins, status, and contracts.

Assets page

All assets available on KleverChain will be listed for users.

Validator page

This feature will be added in the mainnet release. The user can view a validator list and access important details such as stake percent, delegation cap, and the total number of votes for each validator.

Proposal page

After the testnet phase, users will be able to access a list of all proposals added to the chain with important information such as details, status, and expiration time.

The KleverChain Explorer will surely become one of the most widely used explorers in the years to come with these new features.

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