KLV or KFI: which to invest in?

There's a correlation between Klever coins and its disruptive roadmap. With that in mind, the investor just needs to come up with a strategy.

Blockchain is always in the news and is there for everyone to profit but it’s far more than that. It offers solutions for many old problems and even new ones caused by modern technology.

Blockchain might work as a watershed for supply chain, banking, cybersecurity, notary services, and many others. And to fuel all these projects, some sort of valuable asset needs to be behind them.

Most blockchain companies issue at least one kind of coin. They have different goals and very distinct values. It all depends on their business ideas and the solutions they provide.

It’s a good trading exercise to keep track of their value and peruse the projects with which they are associated. Klever, for instance, offers KLV and KFI as its major coins and they are intimately correlated to Klever’s goals and services.

Why do crypto companies issue coins anyway?

To cut a long story short, it’s a way of offering an alternative to the traditional company shares. When you purchase a coin, it’s like granting your seal of approval to that particular project. Although that does not mean you own part of the company, as in the traditional stock market, it symbolizes an act of support and trust. 

Also, coins are intangible assets, very much different from the essence of fiat currency. As you probably know, you can’t physically hold crypto assets, although you might currently withdraw Bitcoins from ATMs at a near gas station. And as their values might be paired to fiat money, they can have as much value as their fiat counterparts.

While traditional companies have Initial Public Offerings to usher in trading for their shares in the public market, crypto enterprises have ICOs (Initial Coin Offering), an event when their coins are released and become available to trading.

But why would you negotiate a coin in this market and how would you make a profit out of it? From a slew of blockchain projects out there, it comes as a good tip to pick the most promising ones out. But the question remains: what criteria should I use to select a good investment?

Many people have been making massive money with meme tokens, but a safer bid resides in an informed investment. Studying the project, check what the company has to offer, and verifying if there’s a real team behind it certainly build up a better strategy. No wonder it has a name: fundamental analysis. 

If you study more about Klever, you will realize it checks for all those criteria.

What are the Klever products?

Klever’s flagship products are definitely Klever App (Wallet) and Klever Exchange. Together they amass over 3 million users who are able to store many tokens, swap, stake, deposit withdraw and perform other coin-specific actions in the wallet, as well as buy and sell crypto with market or limit orders, using Klever Exchange. Both provide an incredible experience, with clear interfaces and easy-to-use environments.

And Klever doesn’t stop there. New products are on their way to the community. KleverChain, our own blockchain has just launched its testnet, where users can dabble with some test KLVs and have contact with an innovative approach to the Blockchain technical structure.

The Hardware wallet release is also just around the corner, a physical wallet that adds one more layer of security for crypto investors. And there are still a few other projects in the pipeline, as well as major enhancements to Klever’s already popular services.

On top of it all, there’s an increasing team of developers and business people whose main goal is to deliver top-of-the art blockchain solutions.

Klever, following the usual procedure of the best crypto enterprises, has also issued its own currencies, which have been an example of a great investment.

Klever coins: which one should you invest in?

Short answer: both. KLV and KFI. Those are the main coins of the Klever domain. Both are listed in Klever Exchange and KLV is also present in Kucoin, Poloniex, Bittrex, and other exchanges.

Holding and staking those tokens is a way of tagging along with Klever’s continuous progress.

KLV: the main asset

KLV is the first and most popular coin issued by Klever. It had an all-time high in March, reaching about 0,16 USD, and is regarded as an interesting asset, acting as a reflex to Klever’s roadmap and future deliveries.

It also provides staking currently at a 10% APR. So it does make sense to acquire some KLV and stake it. You might have missed some great entry points at the beginning of the year, as seen on the chart below, but there’s still a lot of opportunities to start investing in KLV.

KFI: the governance token

KFI is a different kind of asset. The more coins you gather, the more powerful you are when it comes to protocol decisions and strategic settlements. A governance token like KFI allows everyone to actively participate in the development of a blockchain company.

As Klever is always working on creating new disruptive products and enhancing the ones already in use, the voice and knowledge of the Klever community are considered a real asset. And the best way to assist Klever on its journey is by holding KFI.

KFI currently can only be traded on Klever Exchange via the KFI/KLV pair. If you come up with an interesting strategy, you might get a good deal with KLV and KFI altogether.

2022 is coming and why don’t you get more Klever as a New year’s resolution?

Trade, buy, sell, hold KLV and KFI.

Be ahead of the game.

Vina Gomes

Technical Writer

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