KLV: the unspoken Unicorn

Very few people understand the potential of a project like KLV and see its potential for the future. The ones who do, are ahead in the game.

Many people speak of the Unicorn as a mythical creature that has a fascinating look and characteristics as always portrayed in films and comical books. 

This has created a perception of the creature as a very unique one that surpasses the comprehension of humans alike. But the same can be said about any product, project, or activity that beats the comprehension of humans who come in contact with it.

A “famous” unicorn

There are projects, which have demonstrated similar characteristics in the past that seem to be astonishing in their attributes and propositions. 

A typical example was the advent of the internet that tended to baffle the entire global populace as initially people wondered how information could be transferred over the space without any physical medium except from one computer to another somewhere else in the world, by the press of a single button.

As phenomenal as it may sound, it only took some time for people to realize, after being educated, the prospects and opportunities that this same internet could provide for its users and the world as a whole. 

Such that various economies were subsequently built on the protocol of the internet like the financial, legal, educational, agricultural, social and economical platforms, which has turned out to be the new world order.

“The fourth industrial revolution”

The same can be said for the advent of the blockchain technology industry as popularly coined “The fourth industrial revolution” (4IR). 

Blockchain technology has seen the growth of the space not only financially but also developmental growth with projects solving real life problems and financial solutions.

However, very few people are smart enough to understand the potential of a project like KLV – which is the native token of the Klever ecosystem. 

It has a massive potential as most of the products from Klever Labs. Transaction fees from the Klever Swaps, Klever Exchange and eventually the Klever blockchain would all be dependent on the use of the KLV token. 

The KLV token has seen a massive improvement over the past year in price valuation as other products are being churned out from the Klever Labs using the KLV burning mechanism for the minting of products, like the Devikins and Klever Finance token (KFI). 

This produced one of the largest record breaking KLV burn of all time with over 2 billion KLV burnt. 

Needless to say, about 51% of KLV is also noted to be staked by holders, which has been producing a massive return on investment for them to the tune of 12% APY as passive income. This has in no small measure increased the value of the KLV token in circulation as there are still other products and projects which are yet to be revealed by the Klever team to the public.

However, it would be a no brainer for any investor who sees a Unicorn of this magnitude and ignores it’s potentials, which are quite unimaginable, as most projects cannot boast the level of creation and execution of products as exhibited by the Klever team. 

A team with a mission to change the dynamics of the blockchain industry layering it on a military grade Artificial Intelligence for individual use and corporate institutions as well.

Who wouldn’t love a possible 10X, 20X, and a possible 100X returns on their investment in an unspoken Unicorn like KLV? (This is only for example purposes.)

Be part of history and join the Klever family as we journey in the breaking of new grounds and records are forged ahead in the making to have KLV unicorn being acknowledged by all and sundry in a Klever way.

It pays to be Klever.  

By James Enajite

Klever Writer

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James Enajite (36)

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