Learn how to get the most out of Klever Swap

Klever Swap is a well-known feature among Klever users and you can get the most out of it in many ways. Discover how to benefit from Klever’s native Swap engine in this article!

Swap is a well-known tool among Klever users as a super easy and fast feature to trade your favorite cryptocurrencies without the need for an exchange platform, while saving you time and money.

More than 150,000 daily active Klever App users rely on this native tool as a powerful weapon for investors, whether they are experienced in the crypto market or just beginning their crypto journey.

Klever Swap is the simplest way to exchange your crypto. With this tool, you can take your cryptocurrencies and trade for others, without leaving the app.

The advantages

The Klever Swap differential is its simplicity of use and full native integration with the Klever wallet, making it unnecessary to have previous experience in the crypto world to carry out transactions.

Furthermore, no personal or sensitive data is used to make the swaps, only the address of your wallet to send and receive funds. It’s completely private and anonymous.

The trades made by Klever Swap happen in an automated and autonomous way to guarantee security, agility and the best price for the user at the time of the swap.

But there are some quirks. The blockchains themselves determine basic fees that are charged in the main coin of the network to carry out transactions within the app.

Therefore, you must have a minimum (or frozen) TRX amount, for example, to make Tron network token transactions. For Ethereum network tokens you will need ETH, for Binance Smart Chain (BSC) tokens you will need BNB, and so on.

The swap is done instantly in your wallet, without the needs of exchanges – or in other words, without KYC, without proof of residence, email, phone number or complicated forms.

And it also has the benefit of continuing to keep your own money. In Klever wallet, you have self-custody of all your data, private keys, and cryptocurrencies, unlike on centralized exchanges that hold custody of your funds.

Enjoy the best of Swap

There are several opportunities for you to make the most out of Klever Swap.

A good tip is to swap cryptocurrencies to KLV, so you can stake and claim for hourly income, as well as use to reduce Swap fees significantly.

Not sure what this means? We’ll explain:

When you stake KLV, it means that when you freeze a part of your cryptocurrencies for a certain period. This invested amount of KLV within our wallet generates interest.

They are called APR — Annual Percentage Rate — which in the case of KLV is 10%, but you can claim amounts of this interest every hour.

In simpler words, KLV Staking enables you to have the opportunity to make passive income in a private, easy, secure and empowering way.

Other perks of Swap

Swap is the perfect opportunity for you to diversify your portfolio, always looking for the best projects and yields. This will give you self-assurance so that in the future you can make transactions with larger amounts whenever you want, without fear of making mistakes.

After all, practice makes excellence.

Another idea is to use the Swap at a strategic time, for instance when a cryptocurrency increases significantly in value in a short or long time frame, and profit from the swap into another coin or stablecoin.

What are you waiting for? Reclaim your financial freedom and own your cryptocurrencies with Klever.

By Isabela Bellumat,

Klever News Editor

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