Market Update: BTC above $54,2k (+8.51%), KLV at $0.07142 (+12.52%) & ETH at $2,5k (+8.4%)

Bitcoin Dominance has fallen 30% since the beginning of the year, while BTC trades at $54,229 (+8.51%), KLV above $0.07142 (+12.52%), ETH at $2,526 (+8.4%) & TRX $0.1146 (+6.6%).

Bitcoin has made a strong comeback on April 26 after bouncing off support at $47k to now trade above $54,3k, recording a 24 increase of 9%.

It was reported on April 26 that US-based bank JP Morgan (JPM) is preparing to offer their private clients an actively traded Bitcoin fund. This development, however inevitable, is quite ironic since over the past few years, JPM CEO Jamie Dimon has been one of the most outspoken and vocal critics of BTC and the crypto market.

Nonetheless, the move by JPM demonstrates the rising power and influence that Bitcoin and crypto is having worldwide, becoming a force that even the most critical of voices cannot ignore.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin Dominance has dropped sharply since the beginning of this year , when Bitcoin’s dominance of the total crypto market stood at a high of 73% on January 3. Since then, BTC Dominance has fallen over 30% in just 114 days to a new low of 51%, while the entire crypto market has risen to a market cap $2,010,194,195,680.

The drop in BTC Dominance is a clear sign that altcoins are rising along with the rise of Bitcoin, instead of growing as a result of Bitcoin’s growth, and promising altcoins are showing early signs of being able to decouple from BTC as a result of the fall in BTC Dominance.

Klever (KLV) is currently trading at $0.07142 and has increased +12.52% in 24h, and is up +2.7% against Bitcoin to 0.00000132 BTC. On April 26, Klever announced that KLV will be listed on with over 200 trading pairs. You can read more about the new KLV listing below:

KLV To Be Listed on ChangeNOW with 200+ Trading Pairs

Meanwhile, Bitcoin (BTC) is up +8.51% on the day, trading around $54,229 at this time. Ethereum (ETH) has increased +8.4% to trade above $2,526, Tron (TRX) at $0.1146 and a daily increase of +6.6%, while Binance Coin (BNB) increased +5.4% to trade at $537.

Market Overview:

KLV: $0.07142 (+12.52%) in 24h, at time of writing, 0.00000132 BTC (+2.7%)

KFI: $273.27 (+1.15%)

BTC: $54,229 (+8.51%)

ETH: $2,526 (+8.4%)

TRX: $0.1146 (+6.6%)

BNB: $537 (+5.4%)

LTC: $247 (+7.6%)

XRP: $1.29 (+15.9%)

DOGE: $0.27 (+3.5%)

DASH: $275 (+6.1%)

BCH: $839 (+6.5%)

Swap all these cryptocurrencies at the push of a button in Klever Swap, with over 300 different trading pairs.

You can also purchase the following cryptos inside Klever App in what is the market’s safest and fastest way to buy crypto with Apple Pay or Credit Card: BTC, KLV, ETH, XRP, TRX, BNB, USDT, USDC & CEL.

KLV is currently trading at:

KuCoinGate.ioXT.comCoinExBitrueBittrexBW.comMXC.comPoloniex, BilaxyLATOKENTronTradePoloniDEX and of course in Klever Swap with over 60 direct trading pairs.

You can read more about the Klever Ecosystem at and


Misha Lederman

Director of Communications at Klever

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