Meet 3 new ways to Buy Crypto with K5

The Klever ingenuity comes from a passion for making crypto simple.

The essence of having a product that ensures that user satisfaction is met with the use of simple tools and less effort is what has been translated into the new K5 wallet. 

What is Klever 5 (K5)?

K5 Wallet allows you to use a wide variety of decentralized applications, such as NFTs, games, entertainment, and decentralized finance.

With Klever Wallets’ built-in secure Web Browser (which is available on Android, iOS, and Huawei devices), users can explore dapps, decentralized services, and blockchain-based products with a click of a button.

However, the Klever 5 (K5) is the result of the community’s incredible efforts to build the best native crypto wallet in the world by a process of interacting with the developers to get an optimum wallet. 

All of our Klever technology has been rebuilt from scratch to provide superior security and an enjoyable user experience.

What is new with buying crypto on K5?

There is a passion to make life and crypto in general simple and this is evident in our mission and goal at Klever. 

We’ve been able to integrate the seamless purchase of crypto in previous Klever Wallet versions through the partnership between the payment gateway Simplex and the wallet.

However, the concerns of our users are a priority for the developers who have taken the community’s input to further seek more partnerships from other gateway processors for fiat on-ramp payment solutions.

Klever understands the importance of a high-quality crypto wallet, which is why we did not compromise performance in our latest Klever mobile crypto release

This would subsequently help more users who have been limited in access to funding their wallets directly from their bank accounts.

Here are the 3 new ways to buy crypto on Klever 5

We are open to more partnerships that would transform the financial freedom of new and existing users in the crypto space. Although we have been in a business relationship with Simplex, our first payment gateway partner. 

Simplex enables customers to buy cryptocurrencies, like KLV using their Simplex bank accounts or via the normal debit and credit card payment methods. 

However, the users want more freedom and opportunity to use other options, especially in regions where Simplex does not authorize transactions.

Consequently, the Klever team has strengthened its relationship with payment processors by integrating three (3) new fiat on-ramp payment gateways to the new Klever 5 wallet.

These include the following in no order of preference :

Moonpay: The company was established in the year 2019 with a set-out goal to create a simple and secure software solution that would enable people from all over the world to participate in the biggest financial digital revolution since the inception of the internet. 

The company has since risen to a high level of prominence with virtually all crypto exchanges partnering with them to take crypto to a global level and enabling new users to the crypto space to have the same access as professional traders.

Banxa:  Currently one of the leading publicly listed payments and compliance companies for the digital assets space were incorporated in the year 2014 in Canada.  

Banxa has been delivering high-quality service to its numerous clients, of which the Klever team is now a partner and ready to cover more locations for people who would like to have access to the crypto assets.

The fiat on-ramp payment gateway, which is a major player in financial services is notable for its ability to manage customer risk and ensure the reduction of cashback in payment processing.

Mercuryo: Mercuryo is a global company that has taken a next-level implementation of financial services for the business sector of which cryptocurrency has now become an integral part of it. 

They facilitate cutting-edge technology for business solutions by enhancing the on-ramp and off-ramp payment for crypto platforms and other business models. Thereby giving access to global users without any boundaries in a fast and secure way.

If you have not seen the big picture behind the partnerships the Klever team has been involved with in recent times, then you are missing the big vision of global access to financial freedom in a world filled with opportunities.

The Klever team would continue to improve on our products and services to encourage new and existing users to start downloading the new K5 Wallet as it unlocks greater potential for our users in a Klever way.

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