Meet ‘Klever Teejay’: another life-changing story in Nigeria

The continent of Africa is filled with so many talents, Klever is now a means to unearth them.

Klever Teejay is a young man from Nigeria who has been inspired by crypto activities and has decided to improve the lives of his fellow youths in his country.

He’s doing that by helping them understand the basics of crypto and the Klever Wallet in particular in his community.

The future has been ascribed to the youths, especially in Africa, and these young lads are not planning to stop anytime soon. 

We thought what was happening in the nation of Ghana by Prince Adjei was a fluke but it has been proven several times that Africa has the potential to build a better world if given the opportunity.

In today’s article, we would like to focus on a young man from the city of Kaduna in the northern part of Nigeria who has grown his passion and determination to take Klever to the suburbs of Nigeria.

Name: Umar Muhammed Usman (AKA KleverTeejay)

Age: 27 years

State of Origin: Kaduna State

Lives in: Kaduna  (Nigeria)

Profession/occupation: Farmer, Businessman, and crypto evangelist

James: Getting straight to the point, how did you get into crypto? What was your first contact with it and what caught your attention? 

Klever Teejay: A friend of mine introduced me to crypto as far back as 2016. Although I did not believe in it initially due to the high level of scamming products and projects I have witnessed in other businesses that I have had the opportunity to participate in. 

However, after a little research on the prospects of blockchain technology and the ability of cryptocurrencies being able to solve global challenges, I decided to take a risk by investing some funds in the purchase of some cryptocurrency like Bitcoin

This turned out to become a life-changing opportunity for me and eventually, I became convinced that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are indeed the future.

James: Before cryptocurrency, how was your relationship with money? Were you always someone looking for an investment opportunity or it wasn’t something that never crossed your mind? 

Klever Teejay: As a young graduate of Accounting from the Kaduna State University, who was determined to succeed in my endeavors and career, I was looking forward to perhaps a quality job in the labor market as an accountant, but it all proved abortive due to the high level of unemployment in my country.

So I decided to look inwards by building myself the attending capacity development training and I eventually settled down in a fish farming business. This was also profitable for me as it enabled me to fend for my family and close relatives.

James: How has crypto changed your perception of finances? How do you feel about crypto and blockchain technology nowadays, as opposed to what you thought in the beginning? Did your mind change about anything?  

Klever Teejay: Since I encountered the crypto space in 2016, my life has never remained the same. I have decided to grow with the new technology and ensure I am updated on the current developments – just like you update a regular App (smiles).

James: How did you know about Klever and what caught your attention with the company? 

Klever Teejay: I came across Klever through the Twitter app when I saw Sam (The Carpet Man) speaking consistently about it and he was also motivating people and followers to spend some time to know what the Klever team is building and how they have been strategic with their whitepaper and developments so far.

This encouraged me to spend some time researching the Klever team and goals and targets. I later found out that a fellow Nigerian (you, James) was part of the Klever family. 

This actually gave me more confidence that the Klever project is indeed a global one that is ready to change the narrative of mediocre companies that are limited to just a certain region.

James: We know that nowadays we have so many companies and projects happening with crypto and blockchain technology around the world. In your words, why should someone choose Klever?  

Klever Teejay: The major reason I am sold out to Klever is as a result of the competence and quality of the team members, who are committed to the high premium placed on the security architecture of the Klever products. Their transaction engine is also very superb and, last but not the least, Klever is not a pump and dump scheme.

James: Let’s talk a little bit about your activities in Nigeria. How did that come about? Tell us the full story of how it started.  

Klever Teejay: Although I have mentioned that I have benefited from crypto, and feel I should share what I have gained. This means a lot to me, knowing that “ there is love in sharing”. 

Also, I want to ensure people get financial freedom by using crypto as this is exemplified in my own life too. 

Consequently, I spoke to a few friends who were already into crypto and asked for their help to join the awareness program

Although, because of the nature of the Nigerian Government’s perspective in crypto, people perceive you as fraudulent when you suggest that they should invest in crypto. 

Some parts of Nigeria are faced with strict regulations with regard to awareness of crypto. 

One sad experience was from a friend of mine who was involved with police officials in the city of Lagos, Nigeria when he was stopped and searched and some trading applications were found on his mobile phone. 

He was accused of being involved in some level of financial crime for trading cryptocurrencies.

James: What do you hope for the future of the project? 

Klever Teejay: I have created a team of young enthusiastic boys and girls who are willing to get into sensitization and awareness of the Klever products in order to encourage small businesses to use crypto like barbershops, car stands, and market squares.

James: How do you talk about crypto in your community, with your friends and family? 

Klever Teejay: Whenever we go to a place if we gauge the medium of communication among the people and when we understand that they don’t understand English, we switch to a predominant local language in that region to accommodate the people that we have in the meetup.

James: Last, but not least, what do you hope for Klever and crypto in the next few years? 

Klever Teejay: I see Klever to be a big project that could become a legal tender for the entire world, with Nigeria being at the forefront of the trend.

James: It has been a great pleasure having to speak with you Klever Teejay. The Klever community sincerely appreciates your efforts and all you do for the community. 

If you want to follow Teejay for more information on how to help develop the crypto community in Nigeria, feel free to follow his Twitter account

It is a Klever thing to do. 

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