New KLV 16% APR Staking Contract for all KLV holders on September 16-18

To celebrate the Klever Exchange Global Launch on September 30, Klever will hold an open 3 day long event to stake KLV at 16% APR, a contract that will last until mainnet launch of Klever Blockchain

To celebrate the upcoming September 30th global launch of the Klever Exchange Web, Android and iOS versions, will be opening a new smart contract for staking KLV at 16% APR between September 16-18 for all KLV holders and Klever users worldwide.

The new 16% KLV staking contract will be open for both new and old KLV holders to join, and the new contract will last until the launch of the Klever Blockchain mainnet, scheduled to go live between December 2021-January 2022.

Whether you are a KLV holder who is currently enjoying 12% or 10% in APR, you will have the opportunity to unstake your staked KLV, and after the 7 day unstaking period, be able to stake your KLV at 16% in the new contract. 

The following klever tips will help you make the most of this three-day event by being sure to stake your KLV at 16% APR in Klever Wallet only between September 16-18, 2021. 

To stake KLV at 16% APR, follow the following steps: 

Step 1: Tap on the KLV token on your Portfolio screen, then tap on the STAKING icon.


Step 2: After tapping the Staking button, enter the amount of KLV you wish to stake and tap on Next button.


NOTES: During the September 16-18 event, you will see the current APR inside the staking screen, which should reflect 16%. You can also see the amount of available KLV and the amount of staked KLV. 

Step 3: The above screen displays estimated earnings and the minimum stake period of 3 days. In order to proceed with KLV staking, tap on the Confirm button, then enter your PIN code to sign the transaction. 


Here is what you can do if you’re currently staking your KLV at 10% APR, 12% APR (the former 16% contract can leave it staked!):

  • After 3 days of having staked it, you will need to unfreeze (unstake) KLV.  

  • Once your KLV is unfrozen after 7 days, you’ll have the option to withdraw it to your account or stake it again during the event on 16-18 September 2021 at 16% APR.  

It’s important to note: 

Staking smart contracts consumes about 100,000 Energy to stake KLV. In the event that you do not have enough Energy in your Klever wallet, staking KLV will burn up to 20 TRX from your wallet.
Energy can also be acquired by staking TRX.

  • APR is a regressive model. In other words, it is reduced as follows each year, so taking advantage of these three added days at 16% APR until our mainnet launch makes sense. 

            💰  10% for 2021

            💰  8% for 2022

            💰  6% for 2023

            💰  4% for 2024

            💰  2% for 2025

  • Earnings from staking must be claimed manually. Earnings can be claimed every 60 minutes. 

  • Claiming earnings consumes 35,000 Energy or burns 10 TRX. 


Klever Team

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