NEW LISTING: KLV To Be Listed on LATOKEN Exchange on April 9

KLV/USDT trading pair goes live on LATOKEN Exchange on April 9 at 7pm UTC. LATOKEN has over 1 million traders, with largest user markets in India, Turkey, Germany, Austria and Nigeria.

KLV/USDT trading goes live on LATOKEN Exchange on April 9 at 7pm UTC. The KLV listing comes after Klever won a community listing competition with over 90% of the votes.

LATOKEN has over 1 million traders on their exchange with 100k+ monthly active users. Their Top 5 markets in terms of user base include India, Turkey, Germany, Austria and Nigeria, aligning well with Klever’s global user base.

LATOKEN is ranked Top 30 on Coingecko’s Global Exchange Ranking with a Trust Score of 8/10 with a daily volume exceeding $400 million.


LATOKEN claims to be a cutting-edge exchange that makes investing and payments easy and safe worldwide, with a rapidly growing user base and focusing on liquidity for new tokens. Traders can buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USDT, TRX, and many more. LATOKEN has a Trust Score of 8/10 by Coingecko among their ranking of global crypto exchanges, with their Top 5 markets in terms of user base include India, Turkey, Germany, Austria and Nigeria.

Besides crypto trading, initial coin offerings (ICO), security token offerings (STO), LATOKEN also specializes in raising funds, allowing users to pitch ideas and speak to angel investors, prominent figures, and venture capital.

99.5% of LATOKEN’s funds are kept in cold storage with multi-signature protection, and they use advanced DDOS protection, while having full compliance with international AML and KYC regulations. Learn more on their website:

About Klever

Klever is a crypto wallet ecosystem serving over 2.5 million users worldwide with Klever App, Klever Swap, and Klever OS. Klever’s emerging platforms Klever Blockchain, Klever Exchange, and Klever Bank are set to launch this year, all powered by the utility token KLV.

Klever App is a simple, powerful, and secure self-custody crypto wallet, supporting the world’s major blockchains. The app offers 300+ trading pairs in Klever Swap and access to ETH and TRX-based DApps in Klever Browser.

KLV serves as the fuel for the entire Klever ecosystem and ensures reduced Klever Swap fees. KLV Staking allows users to earn a passive income, with a record 74% of all KLV in circulation currently frozen and staked by Klever users.

Klever offers true and secure ownership of cryptocurrency. The security of Klever App is ensured by being built on top of Klever OS (Operating System), which uses advanced security mechanisms that completely protect the users’ private keys and funds

The current offering of products from Klever is just the tip of the iceberg.  The entire development team, comprised of over 60 developers and growing daily, are in the process of building and optimizing four additional major platforms in 2021:

KLV is currently trading at:,, Bilaxy Exchange. KLV is also trading on DEXs TronTrade and PoloniDEX, and of course in Klever Swap with over 40 direct trading pairs.

You can read more about the Klever Ecosystem at and


Klever Team

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