OFFICIAL: KFI Mining Has Begun – Simple Steps To Mine KFI By Burning KLV

Here are the simple & safe steps to mine Klever Finance Token (KFI), the governance token of Klever Blockchain, at on March 22-25. All KLV used to mine KFI will be burned on March 26

Mining of Klever Finance Token (KFI), the governance token of the Klever Blockchain, has officially launched at!

Here are the simple steps to join the KFI Mining on March 22-25 and KLV Burn on March 26:

  1. Click on “KFI Mining” banner or go directly to

  2. Click on “Start Mining” Button.

  3. Read all instructions carefully – then Copy official KFI Mining address: TDmb1LTYKvvKGAYdKYMq1RkQ2AcbcanemE

  1. Go to your KLV account in your Klever Wallet and click on “Send” button.

  2. Enter the amount of KLV that you want to send to the KFI Mining address, and click on “Next”. A minimum of 1,000 KLV per transaction is needed to join the KFI Mining Pool.

  3. Paste the Official KFI Mining address and click on “Send”.

  1. Double check and confirm Transaction details is to the correct KFI Mining deposit address. Then click on “Submit Transaction”.

  2. Done! Congratulations, you will receive your KFI on March 29, and the KLV you sent to the KFI Mining address will be burned on March 26.


  • Send KLV to the KFI Mining Pool ONLY from your Klever Wallet. DO NOT use an exchange to send KLV from.

  • 1,000 KLV is the minimum amount to join the KFI Mining pool with.

  • NEVER share your 12-words or private keys with ANYONE, including the Klever Team. If anyone asks you for your 12-words or private keys, they are trying to scam you and you should ignore and report them.

KFI Mining & KLV Burn Summary

– KFI Mining will take place between March 22 at 4pm UTC and end three days later on March 25 at 4pm UTC.

– The available amount of KFI (100,000) will be divided by the entire amount of KLV received and each KLV sent will receive the proportional amount in KFI to which it is entitled. In other words, KFI will be distributed based on the proportion of the total KLV sent to the KFI mining pool after those 3 days of mining.

– All KLV sent to the KFI mining address at during the mining event will be burned on Friday, March 26, in what is set to become one of the largest coin burns in the history of crypto.

– KFI will be distributed on Monday, March 29 to all mining participants who used their KLV to mine KFI.

What is KFI?

The Klever Finance Token (KFI) is the Klever Blockchain governance token. Only 150,000 KFI will initially be mined and the token is scarce in nature.

A total max supply of 1,000,000 KFI will ever be created through a halving process, and the full minting process will autonomously be taking 20 years to complete.

KFI token holders will have an essential influence and crucial responsibility over the Klever Blockchain’s function and have complete control over the apps protocol configuration (such as application fees and functionalities), as well as approval authority over new apps using an on-chain voting system.

Inside the Klever Blockchain, KLV is the main utility token used for transaction gas and energy usage – KFI is the governance token for the Klever community and its main utility is to empower a world-wide distributed community to innovate in p2p technologies and advance decentralized finance products and services.

KFI holders will be able to use KFI on Klever Blockchain to:

– Vote for new app proposals.
– Vote for change of app proposals.
– Vote for new projects.
Earn network rewards when participating in the governance of the blockchain.

Important note: KFI has no intrinsic value, but is given value through the utility and usage of the Klever Blockchain. KFI is not an investment and not a token sale, but instead, KFI is an opportunity to participate in the governance of the Klever Blockchain and be part of one of the fastest growing blockchain communities in the world.

KFI Rewards & Governance

Klever Blockchain will distribute 100% of the protocol fees as KLV network rewards to the KFI governance community as a reward for the responsibility and essential work involving in governing the blockchain. Each Klever Blockchain app, or kapp, can have its own set of fees. Rewards are fees automatically collected on apps.

The power to approve or deny new kapps lies exclusively in the hands of the KFI governance community.

By using the KFI governance voting system, KFI holders will ensure that Klever Blockchain will be free of scams and suspicious apps since the KFI governance community are the one reviewing and approving the deployment of new kapps.

Klever Foundation Participation

As a show of confidence in Klever Blockchain and a long-term commitment to being part of the KFI governance community, the Klever Foundation is today officially committing to using 250,000,000 KLV out of its KLV reserves already in circulation to mine KFI from day one of the KFI Mining and KLV Burn Event.

The 250,000,000 KLV is estimated to be worth more than $24 million USD in today’s market value.

We anticipate that a total amount exceeding well over 500 million KLV will be used to jointly mine KFI by the KLV community and the Klever Foundation’s combined forces. This entire amount of KLV used to mine KFI will be burned and removed from KLV’s circulating supply.

What makes Klever Blockchain different?

A blockchain network is only as valuable as what the platform offers its users in terms of usable products and participation in the network’s activities and reward structure.

We are building and launching the Klever Blockchain in 2021 to allow users on a global scale to access simple, secure, indispensable, and powerful financial services and decentralized crypto products.

Blockchain Built to Empower

Klever Blockchain will enable developers to build decentralized applications like never before. Building and deploying blockchain apps should be simple, cheap, and easy for all developers to do, and that is exactly what Klever Blockchain will enable.

Instead of being a smart contracts platform, Klever Blockchain will provide prebuilt ready-to-use applications and features that are native to the blockchain. Klever Blockchain Apps, also called kapps, are on-chain applications developed by the Klever Foundation and Klever Developers Community.

Klever OS SDK for Developers

These ready-built features will be made available for any and all developers to implement through Klever OS Software Development Kit (SDK) their own interface solution. With Klever OS’ simplifying approach developers do not need to understand crypto or blockchain anymore.

This innovative approach will significantly enhance today’s dapp functionalities and guarantee a smoother onboarding to the Klever Blockchain’s native infrastructure, making it magnitudes more secure, simpler to build, and cheaper to deploy.

KFI Mining for the Next 20 Years

KFI mining will take place on the Klever Blockchain when users provide liquidity for certain KLV-based token pairs or liquidity pools. This mechanism of generating KFI is a result of the amounts allocated for liquidity we call KFI Network Rewards.

This will be the primary way Klever users can mine and accumulate KFI over the next 20 years on the Klever Blockchain.

To clarify, KLV Coin is the Klever Blockchain’s main utility token, and KFI is the governance token of the blockchain. Like all other tokens and cryptocurrencies, KFI has no intrinsic value but is given value through the utility and increased usage of the Klever Blockchain.

Read the Klever Blockchain White Paper by clicking the button below:


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