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Crypto payments are growing in adoption rapidly worldwide, and an increasing number of businesses are accepting KLV, BTC & other cryptos. Learn more about how to pay the Klever way.

Living in a world surrounded by so many activities complicated with financial services can be difficult to manage. So many businesses both small and big are encompassed with regulations and financial recklessness on the part of the people who we are supposed to trust (financial regulators and governments). 

Unfortunately the same people or body have failed the countless individuals and businesses who solely depend on their services to execute financial transactions and enable a steady income to support their families and life.

The nature of money has transcended various phases from substances like wheat, precious metals, including gold and silver, to coins to notes or paper currency. All these have served as legal tenders from generations till date.

However in the 21st century, the birth of digital currency came in a dimension that has brought about a permissionless, transparent and faster means of deploying financial services and transactions on a technology where transactions can very easily be verified globally and seamlessly in a distributed ledger. We call it the blockchain.

Blockchain technology has recorded a high turnover of transactions globally in trillions of dollars and it’s noted to still be in its infancy stage. 

Klever wallet has developed a simple yet effective way of making payments globally from the comfort of your mobile phone just like making a telephone call or sending an email. We call it Charge.

Many individuals and businesses are now gearing up to the future of making payments for the goods and services they provide and getting paid instantly with a verifiable proof of payment visible on the blockchain. 

With full personal ownership and with no middlemen involved.

Deploying these financial services would save small businesses and even large corporations delay in responding to the needs of their customers and service providers as well. It is also worthy to note that the government and corporations can make salary payments to their employees seamlessly in the form of digital currencies (cryptocurrency). This is the case of the nation of El Salvador, and more recently also Argentina, who are both moving in the direction of legalizing bitcoin in their respective countries.

With the use of the Klever wallet, such users can help to validate the transparency and accountability of transactions executed for the sustainability of the economies of their countries, whether in BTC, KLV, ETH, TRX or any other currency supported in the Klever ecosystem. 

An increasing number of small and medium sized business owners are now accepting Klever’s own native token KLV as means of payment for their businesses. This is a tremendous support to the increase for using the Klever wallet as a means of storage, conducting transactions, accessing web 3.0 and ensuring long-term savings.

Travel by paying in KLV to over 3 million hotels, flights and travel products at, buy perfume in Nigeria, roofing and carpeting in New Jersey, and more are some of the of businesses now accepting KLV as payment worldwide: 

Perfumes in Nigeria and around the globe, pay in KLV:

Roofing in New Jersey accepts KLV:

Sam The Carpet Man accepts KLV as a preferred method of payment:

Klever has an intimate relationship with its user base all around the world and highly appreciates that users and followers keep spreading the message of decentralised finance and making everyone their own bank through Klever. 

However, until the farmer in Nigeria can be able to make payments for his farm equipment to the producer in China, while the student from Brazil can be able to pay his school fees in a higher institution in England from the comfort of his mobile phone, or a software developer from India can get paid for his work done in few seconds from a company in the US. That is when we can appreciate the full beauty of a Klever way to make payments.

We can all be Klever in a simple way.

By James Enajite

Klever Admin

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