Technical Development Progress Report, by Klever CTO Bruno Campos

Welcome to the brand new & first edition of our Technical Development Progress Report where each week we’ll give you a direct insight into what the Klever dev team is building behind the scenes.

I’m feeling both honored and humbled to write Klever’s first Technical Development Progress Report to all of you.

So many things are going on behind the scenes. Our development team is building nonstop, and we’re excited to commence this new series to give our amazing global community essential insight into what’s being built on the tech side of the Klever ecosystem.

Klever is growing very fast. Today, the company consists of more than 80 full time developers and engineers, and a total of 120 global staff members. Together, we’re all entirely focused on building and enabling the most user friendly, safe and easy to use crypto ecosystem of financial services anywhere on the market.

What makes us so proud, so passionate and so focused in our daily work?

I’ll tell you. It is our organizational culture that is based on the following principles:

  • Remote and global

  • Collaboration

  • Learn from mistakes

  • Take ownership

  • Be the best version of ourselves

  • Diversity

  • Egoless – decision based on community feedbacks and input, and NEVER allowing our own egos to rule

  • Asynchronous communication

  • Teamwork

So, after this short introduction about our core values and environment of constant innovation, lets see what we are building!

Klever Exchange

Klever Exchange has come to change the crypto exchange systems standard.

We are focused on providing the simplest, fastest and most secure exchange platform build on the top of the Klever SDK (Software Development Kit) through our Software Secure Module, which functions as an “HSM” but through innovation we have made it software based (HSM – Hardware Secure Modules used by most banks and financial services along the world).

We have been doing a lot of stress testing in our beta versions to ensure a fast and secure environment for everyone to trade.

We are launching a new beta version 6 today! With a lot of improvements and bug fixes based on your feedback. It is from you to you … fully community driven development and platform building!

Sign up for Klever Exchange beta v6:

Register for Android beta:

Klever Blockchain

The next generation decentralized financial services implemented on top of state of the art blockchain technology.

Blockchain is difficult,

but it shouldn’t be.

Klever Blockchain is a trusted permissioned blockchain network for the emerging decentralized economy, by providing a safer, faster and smarter cryptocurrency experience.

Building and deploying blockchain apps should be simple, cheap, and easy for all developers to do, and that is exactly what Klever Blockchain will enable. Instead of being a smart-contracts platform, Klever Blockchain will provide prebuilt and ready-to-use functionalities for developers to build decentralized applications with.

In simple words We can describe our blockchain as a Proof-of-Stake (POS) consensus blockchain mechanism to ensure scalability, performance and reliability, based on these architectural principles to mention a few:

  • A customized version of Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance algorithm (PBFT) for network reliability and resilience;

  • Sign-off messages from Nodes to build a reliability rank of each operator;

  • Bad behaviors nodes will be jailed.

Klever Blockchain Whitepaper:

Klever Workspace

Klever Workspace is an implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system built on top of the Klever SDK and fully integrated with state of the art blockchain technology.

Our main goal is to enable the onboarding operations of enterprises to use crypto as fuel for their businesses. Soon, with Klever Workspace we will be able to make financial management magnitudes simpler, faster and safer using crypto for countless businesses in the developing world and developed world alike, such as:

  • Fully automated payout of salaries and expenses using crypto;

  • Manage employees;

  • Manage enterprise funds;

  • Risk management;

  • And much more.

Klever Wallet

Our Klever Wallet. Our pride. Our diamond.

With over 3 million total global users, 150k daily active users and half a million monthly active users, we keep pushing and keep building until we reach massive usage and crypto mass adoption in the decentralized economy enabled by blockchain tech and grown in the secure confines of encryption and distributed computing.

Our main goal is provide the safest and simplest gateway to the most used and popular chains, coins, token and DeFi systems readily and easily available for a global audience using Klever Wallet, while enabling secure self-custody to all users.

Klever Bank

Long the people, short the banks. This is the idea behind Klever Bank. It is a reshape of the traditional bank services, which will empower people worldwide.

Our main goal is to facilitate a mixed crypto and traditional financial services platform that enables you to:

  • Swap fiat to crypto and vice-versa in seconds and in a simple way;

  • Debit and credit cards that you can use with crypto or fiat, it’s your choice;

  • Stake fiat and earn crypto and vice-versa;

  • And much much more.

Klever Hardware Wallet

Klever Hardware Wallet is a safer device that will bring one more secure level for doing your usual transactions that you do in Klever App. You will be able to manage your funds with an extra security layer.

Since the physical circuits until the firmware software we are fully focused in security here!

Klever Bots

Klever Bots is where we focus on building bot strategies using AI algorithms to make decisions about our arbitrage engine and to provide liquidity to KLV token in all exchanges that supports KLV.

I hope that you have enjoyed this little journey about our technical progress made during the past week. I can’t wait to see you next week!


Bruno Campos

CTO at Klever

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