The Apple of Crypto Blockchains is Klever

The Apple of Crypto is Klever

More than products and services, we offer a whole experience of crypto solutions that very few can match

Apple CEO Steve Jobs gave an interview to Bloomberg News in 2004 while still alive, discussing Apple’s quick rise to the top, his work with Pixar Studios, and more of that era at the company. 

The following quote from Jobs was quite famous in this interview when he was discussing how Apple was able to be successful in the online music industry, in which millions of people were swapping songs for free:

“[…] our solution encompasses operating system software, server software, application software, and hardware. Apple is the only company in the world that has all of that under one roof. We can invent a complete solution that works — and take responsibility for it.”

For me, this quote describes Apple as a whole.

Jobs and Wozniak’s company has been growing and evolving, nonstop, and the range of clients does not seem to slow down. In addition to Apple’s high standard and modern hardware solutions, people acknowledge Apple’s software solutions, which connect them at the same level of quality. 

The Macbook wasn’t enough for Apple, and they grew even more when they saw that more products could help us reduce a lot of problems in modern life.  

Now, does that sound familiar to you? Who else in our favorite market segment follows those same steps? 

Oh, yeah.

Wallet and Exchange 

Klever started as a crypto wallet, and its Swap solution was already innovative and smart. However, Klever didn’t stop there. 

Dio and his group wanted more because they could see that people in the crypto universe were struggling with matters that could be solved with a high standard and safe solution. 

A solution that Klever could provide. 

That’s why, not long after the success of the wallet and its features, Klever Exchange was also on the move to conquer cryptomaniacs. 

The company’s solution for trading was the other arm of the whole body that started slowly but surely to appear. 

With Klever Exchange, the company extended its universe providing another solution for crypto traders and especially for beginners. Low transfer feeds, extra-boosted security, really fast engine and user-friendly design conquered the hearts and the eyes of the audience.

Once the users had their wallets and exchange covered, what else could help them in their daily activities in crypto? 

The entire house: the blockchain 

Well, one thing that has already been in our directors’ minds for a while and waiting to be delivered was our very own Blockchain.

Many people may ask why a native blockchain would be important for Klever’s Ecosystem.  

In a quick metaphor, I can say: if you own all the rooms, why don’t you own the house? 

Klever already has its solution for managing and trading cryptocurrency and, of course, our very own coin: KLV. 

But, as many of you know, KLV is a token that is hosted in Tron’s blockchain. In the beginning of Klever’s project, in order to put the show on the road and to provide what the users needed, the company had to build its crypto in another network. 

That way would be easier to operate with KLV, without having to own the entire “house” – that would cost too much and require a lot of our team that just started. 

At this point, we are in the journey of the well-established “grown-ups” and we will own our entire residency. 

As a result, we are able to develop each room as we like – add more furniture, move them around, and add more space. Additionally, once our crypto is integrated into our native blockchain, KLV users will be able to do even more with their investment.

Now that we’ll own the house and extremely important rooms, another piece was missing in order to make our users’ lives even easier and more practical. 

The Hardware Wallet 

You can already own your KLV, manage your cryptos in the wallet, trade them on our Exchange, and have even more quality and fluidity through our blockchain. 

You should now manage them in the safest way possible, with a device that will let you feel the power of financial freedom in your hands physically. 

I mean, if you look at other companies they can provide a lot of things – online wallets, native blockchain, crypto, hardware wallet, dapps, browsers, and more. 

But to have and own all of this at the same time, with the same quality and the same “easy-to-use” mode it’s only for pros, really. 

Like the greats

Also, that independence and willingness to be an Ecosystem is something that is important only for companies that put the user in the center of everything, that does not look only for money or status. 

It’s something that is vital for companies that want to make history and to provide solutions that even our users don’t know they have. 

It’s a characteristic of the greats like Apple, Amazon, Google, and others that are a part of this strict group that does not settle for making good products and services – we want to change the world, starting with our users’ universe. 

It’s a characteristic of Klever. 

Maluh Bastos
Klever Writer
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