The humanity of the Klever community

The Klever community always put the people first and ensure all members feel safe with everyone having a sense of belonging, availability to education and support in case any questions arise.

Humans have a natural tendency of association and belonging to a group or group of bodies in which they seem to share their thoughts and actions in a collaborative or disruptive manner.

Little wonder the United Nations created and enforced the need for the statutes of human rights, where everyone has the right to commune and associate with one another without bias or prejudice for sex, race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

This is completely evident in the way humans interact with one another in our daily lives. A simple definition of a community is a group of people living in the same place or having particular characteristics and values in common.

It is observed that these people most times are passionate about their community and sometimes go the extra mile to defend their community. In order to not make mention of any particular community which might sound as a way of promoting or slighting such a community, I would focus on the crypto communities.

In recent times, as a result of the creation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, it has become crucial for most projects to acquire users to be part of the community to give it a form of belonging, recognition, reach and acceptability.

These communities are said to be users and supporters who hold the specific token or coin in a form of wallet be it hard, soft or virtual in nature thereby building the confidence and trust of that same coin and token.

The launch of the Klever wallet in the year 2020 saw a new dimension of users who were built from an organic growth technology for users due to the flexibility and simplicity of the Klever wallet.

The Klever team was strategic in nature, such that it focused on security, user experience, ease of use, while specifically targeting the unbanked regions of the world, who by dynamism have a closely knit bond where everyone seems to be interested in the growth of the other. 

The community grew as a result of strategic communication and word of mouth, which seems to be one of the best methods for marketing where most of the members invited their friends, family, neighbours and even enemies (smiles). In a simple example the Klever Nigeria group on telegram became one of the most active Klever telegram country groups with over 10,000 new members in less than 2 months. We achieved this feat using that same method. 

However, for any crypto community to succeed in its goals of communicating the aims and aspirations of the project, it would require the Klever methodology of dedication, determination, diligence, passion and resilience (3DPR). 

For the Klever community, educating others is at the top of the agenda, sharing facts, experiences and essential information for others to thrive in the Klever ecosystem, and of course teaching others on how to avoid scams in the crypto space. 

At a point in the growth of the community there would be fictitious and anonymous members who could be potential scammers joining with the intention of scamming and stealing from unsuspecting members.

But trust the responsive members of the Klever community managers, admins and moderators to come to the rescue by giving prompt information, educating the community how to avoid scammers, and thereby save numerous members of the Klever community from such dangerous potential thieves, fraudsters and scammers.

This has endeared the Klever community to the hearts of countless members who get responses to their queries in split seconds from community members from around the world, and whenever there is a challenge with a transaction it is always handled with professionalism and dynamism by the Klever support team.

This shows the humanity of the Klever community as we put the people first and ensure the community is safe with everyone having a sense of belonging in the group. The generosity of the Klever community, which knows no bounds, will be a topic for another time

Obviously, it’s a no brainer for anyone not to join the Klever community where warmth, friendship, education and professionalism thrive in a space of development strides.

That’s the simplicity of Klever.

By James Enajite

Klever Admin

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James Enajite (37)

A passionate lover of crypto and mankind with an active mind to create content to educate everyone within my sphere of influence. An entrepreneur with an open heart to accommodate young aspiring individuals to achieve their best in a global space.

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