The Idea Behind Klever Exchange, by Klever Head of UI/UX & CMO Fabio Freire

At the invitation of Misha, our Director of Communications, I will explain the line of thought we adopted to create the concepts, simple user experience & elegant design of Klever Exchange.

Before I start I need to say a big thank you to all of you. After that, I’ll be giving a sequence to our exchange concepts, ideas and train of thought when the building Klever Exchange experience.

I would like to thank the entire Klever community that supports us daily and who have helped us to get where we are today! The launch of Klever Exchange is a big milestone for us and we would not be able to do it without such a strong and large community.

Thank you all, we will grow together!


Our goal as a company is to make cryptocurrency simpler, more adoptable and closer to people’s hand and heart.

I am not talking here about the speculative crypto market, but about ordinary people who just want to protect their money and have full control over their finances.

I have been at Klever since its inception and I have been closely following the requests of our users, their questions to our support team, the interactions on Twitter and it is notable that a large part of people in Klever are now starting their journey in the world of cryptocurrency.

Many people come from places where there is no culture of investing in stocks or other businesses, which may have added to the knowledge base of users related to the general crypto exchange journey. And you know what? Most people and users are in this range, relatively new to trading and still trying to find their way throughout the crypto landscape.

We See People

Do you have any idea how many people have entered the crypto market recently, or will enter it in the coming years? It is estimated to be a few hundred million people who today own crypto in one shape or form, but there are billions who will enter the space in the coming years.

And we at Klever are not talking about numbers, we talk about and see people, our users. We deal with the money, savings and dreams of millions of people on a daily basis. We take that task very seriously and it comes with a lot of responsibility.

And that helps explain some of the decisions we made in our first version of the Klever Exchange.

Klever Evolution

Creating a new exchange from scratch was a big challenge. Over the last few months I have followed the listing of KLV on over a dozen global crypto exchanges in the market and opening a parenthesis, it is amazing how they look and feel very similar.

Although these exchanges are very similar and look very much alike each other, they all gave me a feeling of complexity when using them.

The Swap tool in our wallet is incredible. Klever Swap allows users anywhere in the world to make swaps between cryptocurrencies at market prices almost instantly without the need for KYC and other registrations, logins, 2FAs … everything is done right there in our users own Klever app, and in the time it takes change a hat on your head.

The Swap will always exist.

However, it is in our nature as a company and development house to evolve, we need to further impact the lives of our users and offer new possibilities. And not only for them. But for all users who are now entering the cryptocurrency market and who are still not comfortable with the experience for the most part of current exchanges on the market.

An exchange that is simpler to use, easier to access and more klever is what we set out to build in Klever Exchange!

Process & Development Tools

Briefly explaining the processes and development tools we use here at the UI/UX team of Klever, we are working mainly with a well-known Double Diamond approach.

It consists of two large Diamonds where a first part expands horizontally and a second part translates the creative process into the ideal result.

In the first Diamond we have:

Discover: This involves research, benchmark and generation of ideas and visions.

Define: Where we restrict ideas to what our initial concept will really be.

In the second Diamond we have:

Develop: In this step, infinite possibilities of drafts and layouts with a large number of hypotheses are generated.

These hypotheses are being polished and filtered so that we reach the end of our flow with the greatest assertiveness possible.

Here we create prototypes, validate journeys, analyze the heatmap of the user interface to ensure that the focus of the user’s eye is on the important points.

It is this stage where everything literally begins to take shape.

Deliver: Briefly, it is a project’s delivery stage, where we develop the product that will be launched to the market. It is the stage of the process that we are in today. Testing with thousands beta users is also part of this essential step.

Our Klever wallet is highly praised for its simplicity, and even though it is one of the most complete wallets on the market, all features are within easy reach of users, with flows that allow them to perform their tasks safely and confidently. This is what we wanted in our exchange, this is the Klever way.

Future Markets? Margins? Leverage? Some trade models are extremely dangerous, even for professionals and experienced traders. We removed complex options and instead offer simplified access to the most common and widely used exchange tools, without noise and complexity.

The idea of the Klever Exchange trading experience is simple:

  • Enable users to create Buy and Sell orders at Market Prices for immediate execution.

  • To place Buy and Sell using Limit Orders at pre-established prices ​​by carrying out transactions according to users own needs and expectations.

It took years of research, testing and development to arrive at our ideal model.

Klever Exchange is a second step for the users of our wallet, and it is the best and simplest choice for most people who are either new to crypto or yet to enter the crypto market.

But will Klever Exchange always be like this? No. As I said at the beginning, Klever has a people-centered and user-centered outlook on all we do, develop and build.

Our community has always guided us and will continue to guide our goals, innovation and deliverables. We will grow together remember? Our exchange product will grow very organically, as all Klever products and services, following the evolution and maturity of our users.

Klever Exchange is now in its beta v6.

We are currently validating flows and infrastructure with a base of thousands of beta testers and users to align our experience with people’s expectations and launch a validated version to the public.

What Are The Next Steps?

We are already working to offer buying cryptocurrencies through the exchange to make it easier for anyone who wants to get started in the crypto world to purchase their favorite crypto in minutes directly in the exchange.

In addition, we are also already implementing the candle charts (TradingView) that are the most used in the market to find the best moments of buying and selling. 

They were already in our initial layout, but Klever will never take a step bigger than our legs, we are evolving step by step, and we never stand still.

Those who already know our products will find an experience that is close to an extension of the wallet experience in its simplicity and ease of use.

Those who do not know our products will undoubtedly find one of the easiest and fastest exchanges to operate in the market.

If you made it this far, thank you very much!

It is great to have you with us and let us grow together! 


Fabio Freire

Head of UI/UX & CMO at Klever

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