The Making of Klever Exchange, by Head of Klever Exchange – Marlon Gomes

Klever Exchange is a trading product polished by artisans, innovated by ninjas and built by machines to the global Klever family.

Since the beginning, we at Klever have been working on a lot of crypto products to make the life of our users be empowered by the benefits of cryptocurrencies in an easy and accessible way.

The Motivation

Our business always aims for a direction where we are able to see how a new feature or product will solve a real life problem in the daily challenges of our users in each part of the world. Klever Exchange is the current culmination of those efforts.

By listening to the feedback of our community and aggregating that with the vast experience of an amazing team, we had the opportunity to put our technical efforts on the right path by creating a new generation of trading experience with Klever Exchange.

We started to utilize the technologies we developed and the knowledge that we had accumulated from countless years working with Software Architecture to build a product with high availability and an amazing UX (user experience) that will attend all user from “Zero to Hero” in cryptocurrencies.

Klever Exchange has a performance and unmatched speed that is able to take down any other competitor in the market, and a first-class 24/7 global support operation there to attend the most important people we have to serve, our users!

Klever ID & Klever Custody

We are working to make the Klever Ecosystem be the top crypto platform in the world.

But these efforts are not undertaken to only deliver Klever’s users an Exchange, a Wallet or a Blockchain that works great, but to deliver to our users an immersive and comprehensive experience inside the products we are developing, making them utterly safe and extremely easy to use.

This experience is being partly developed through two new Klever products that are backing the Klever Exchange, namely Klever ID and Klever Custody.

If you saw this screen anytime during beta testing you have interacted with Klever ID.

Sending funds to another person not using their public addresses directly but instead their own nickname? Email? Phone number? It looks like something that is far from happening but its not. Klever ID will make it magnitudes simpler to send funds to your colleagues, friends, family and business associates who are registered under the Klever ID.

And do not worry, if they are not registered under Klever ID you will be also able to send them the funds and ask for a registration so they still will be able to receive it later on! 

And this is only made possible due to the Klever Custody integration in the Klever Exchange and throughout the Klever Ecosystem of products.

To achieve this, Klever Custody uses high level security standards based on state of the art security architecture, and is also able to scale to attend tens of thousands of new incoming users requests simultaneously.

And if you saw this screen you interacted directly with Klever Custody.

Klever Exchange is an essential part of the history of Klever that is currently in the process of being written by the global Klever family, and our trading platform will for sure be one more prominent Klever products leading us on our path to promote the financial freedom and inclusion to cryoto users worldwide.

The Execution

With a strong motivation growing in our hearts and minds to deliver a world-class exchange, we started to think about the road we would have to trail in order to transform this motivation into something that our users could really feel and touch.

We learned about what would differentiate us from any other top exchange in the market, and this new product made us evolve as a company, as people, as developers, as managers, and of course as Klever users, which we all are.

I can’t honestly say that we are content with that number because we always want more for our users and from ourselves, but it is this number that already puts us in front of our competitors in terms of speed and reliability from day one.

After having a powerful Trading engine, we started to create the communications that would be used by the Mobile and Web Applications of Klever Exchange, making every event sent by this trading engine reflect on data visible to the user at the trading pairs interfaces. Everything with real-time updates, and at remarkable speed and efficiency.

To our beloved community of users, thank you for all the support you give us and I hope you all enjoy the Klever Exchange experience, it is built for you and you alone!


Marlon Gomes

Klever’s Head of Klever Exchange and Head of Software Architecture

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