Trade APE

Trade APE Pairs on Klever Exchange

Trade APE Pairs on Klever Exchange

Whatever level of experience you have in the trading of cryptocurrencies, there is one place that provides you with the utmost sense of security and user satisfaction.

Klever Exchange continues to evolve and include new solutions for its users.

By listening to the community, the team keeps improving the user experience and now offers APECoin trading with two pairs on the Klever Exchange.

What is APECoin (APE)?

ApeCoin is an ERC-20 governance and utility token used within the APE ecosystem to empower a decentralized community by building at the forefront of web3 for its users.

Who created APECoin?

The APE Foundation is referred to as the stewards of ApeCoin. 

The foundation’s responsibility is not to serve as an overseer, but to serve as the base layer on which the ApeCoin holders who form the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) can build.

Can APECoin be traded on Klever Exchange?

The Klever Exchange is now one of the best exchanges to trade APECoin (APE), such that users with a Klever Exchange account would simply log in to the account using all our secured protocols to ensure the safety of the user funds.

The Klever Exchange currently has two market pairs for trading APE and as such can boast of good liquidity to facilitate seamless transactions within the exchange.

These market pairs include:

  1. APE-USDT: Known as one of the most active trading pairs on the Klever Exchange, this pair is easily convertible and is traded there as well.
  2. APE-KLV: This is a trading pair between APE and KLV such that the exchange trades KLV against the APECoin in real-time.
Trade APE/USDT using Klever Exchange
Trade APE/KLV using Klever Exchange

The Klever Exchange is a robust exchange platform with an ability to scale by the addition of multiple exchange trading pairs. 

This would eventually create the opportunity for traders on the Klever exchange to trade other multi-pairs for the benefit of the users.

Why use the Klever Exchange?

For crypto traders, the Klever Exchange is advantageous for several reasons.

The exchange is backed by seasoned developers and experts who oversee the efficiency and security of the exchange. 

Also, it would fail me not to mention the quality of forensics experts within the Klever Exchange who help to be on the trail of criminals who potentially try to steal users’ funds from the exchange. 

There is also liquidity on the exchange to ensure bids are executed on an instantaneous basis when necessary.

How does crypto trading work?

The crypto space is experiencing a rapid transformation at a rate never seen before. 

This includes the development of fast trading bots which may or may not satisfy the needs of traders, be it new or experienced as the case may be.

In reality, bots are computerized lines of codes used for automated trading on behalf of human traders or investors. 

Since the bots are computerized codes, they do not require human intervention as they can take decisions based on instruction and would eventually react quickly to the same instructions.

These are some of the key reasons why the cryptocurrency market is never asleep as it trades 24/7 with all the time zones in active participation globally.

Thereby making cryptocurrency trading a more viable option for the traditional market.

Do you need bots for trading?

Cryptocurrencies are seen to be a new set of volatile assets that can be traded on exchanges just like the traditional markets. 

However, due to the high volatility associated with the crypto markets, most traders and even the exchanges deploy the use of bots to facilitate rapid rate trading. 

This happens because the investors or traders may not be able to execute all the trades manually to achieve their required goals or profits. 

Consequently, the use of bots has made it possible such that the exchanges can execute transactions of over one hundred thousand transactions per minute on one part. 

As a result of this volatility, the traders can also use computerized programs or lines of code to execute their transactions as traders on the other hand counteract the rate of volatility.

In conclusion, Klever is ensuring the transformation being experienced in the crypto space and in the Klever Exchange is the best possible, making sure that our customers and intending users get the best out of their crypto experience in a Klever way.

It is a Klever thing to do.

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