Trade ETH on Klever Exchange

Trade ETH Pairs on Klever Exchange

Klever Exchange allows users to trade Ethereum in the most user-friendly and secure way in the crypto verse.

Klever Exchange, which was launched in Q4 of 2021, has seen a tremendous influx of traders and trading pairs in recent times. 

Why use the Klever Exchange?

There are so many instances of crypto transaction theft reported globally, but with good forensics experts on the trail of the culprits, they usually get caught because of the uniqueness of blockchain technology. 

This is because every transaction leaves a trail in the hash transaction within the block and as such can be used to trace who has executed the transaction using chain analysis. 

This would eventually help all the exchanges to monitor those transactions until the thieves give up the funds. 

That being said, there have been so many difficulties in the past for the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies projects where a high level of financial attack has been made on blockchain projects and crypto exchanges by hackers who steal customers’ funds and cause so much hardship to the organizations.

The Klever team has grown in experience and is aware of all these challenges, and with that in mind has developed one of the safest places for traders to trade cryptocurrencies from the comfort of their mobile and desktop devices.

What is the Klever Exchange?

The idea behind Klever Exchange is fully based on providing a simple, yet intuitive and powerful user experience where anyone can trade, with unmatched speed and advanced security architecture.

Klever Exchange was born to become a home to users who are completely new to crypto trading by providing a simple user experience while enabling powerful features to experienced traders through market-leading speed, iron-clad security, and world-class support.

What are the features of the Klever Exchange?

Klever Exchange is loaded with exciting and easy-to-use features that would enable anyone to have access to a global product for an excellent trading experience. 

It is created with the user in mind and ensures the users have an exciting experience trading cryptocurrencies.

The key tabs in the mobile application of the Klever Exchange App include:

  1. Market: This is the first page that would be encountered by a new user. It includes all the market listings on the number of cryptocurrencies pairs. This is also showing the current price comparison and the 24-hour changes in the currency pair percentage.
  2. Trade: The trading interface is that part of the Klever Exchange that tends to attract new users to the platform. The trading interface is as simple as it can ever be with a clear indication for new users to get this going in their trading experience. The page includes the buy, sell, limit, and market orders. There is also the order book which shows the trades being executed per unit time. This particular page would also consist of the buying order book and the selling order books, especially with the coin name displayed to describe the transaction to be executed.
  3. Home: The home or default screen shows the welcome page with the user’s name in full display. This is accompanied by two key colors of today’s market analysis. This would be depicted in green and red colors for consistency.
  4. Holdings: This page displays the total estimated value of an investment in USD and further translated into the various holdings of cryptocurrencies the user has bought at the moment.
  5. Orders: This is the last but not the least of the order,  where the application shows if the user has created any open orders to track the success if there is a buy /sell order in place to be executed.
Mobile views of Klever Exchange App

ETH trading pairs on the Klever Exchange

Klever Exchange is a robust exchange platform with the ability to scale by the addition of multiple exchange trading pairs. 

This would eventually create the opportunity for traders on the Klever Exchange to trade other multi-pairs for the benefit of the users.

Some of the major Ethereum (ETH) pairs include but are not limited to the following on the Klever Exchange:

  • ETH / USDT: This is a popular trading pair on the Klever exchange as it is recognized as one of the large market capitalizations, also readily convertible and traded in the Klever exchange. 
  • KLV/ ETH: This is a trading pair between KLV and ETH such that the exchange trades KLV against the Ethereum network.
  • DVK/ETH: The DVK on the Klever exchange can be traded against ETH with the purpose of increasing the market value of the Devikins token DVK.

In conclusion, one satisfying thing to be noted is that the Klever Exchange is transforming into a fantastic exchange where comfort, speed, and security are watchwords for the developing team. 

It is indeed a Klever thing to do

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