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Trade Primo Token in Klever Exchange

The token of CBD/Hemp company Primo Ocean DAO is made for community utility, track, and traceability of cannabis products, and more.

If you like fresh and innovative projects, you came to the right article. 

Imagine there is a company that not only wants to spread awareness about mental and physical health with a completely organic product but also wishes to do so alongside the community and grow worldwide. 

That’s Primo Ocean DAO

The blockchain part of Primo Gardens Inc, Primo Ocean DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that identifies as a vertically integrated CBD and Hemp company based out of Colorado in the United States. 

Investors can help build up Primo DAO not only by spreading the franchise and buying products but by investing in its very own token, $PRIMO

The company reinforces that it is the fastest-growing token in the hemp industry right now. 

Why choose the PRIMO token?

With a total supply of 2,730,001,606.000000 tokens, Primo highlights on its website the perks of purchasing the $PRIMO token:

Exclusive Discounts

You can use the token as a payment discount method on Primo’s marketplace

Track and Traceability

This one is awesome! 

By using the Tron blockchain, $PRIMO has developed a unique tracking system that leads to more tractability and credibility for the Cannabis and Hemp industries.

The tracking system allows users to follow up on their product and get exactly what they expected and paid for. 

The track and traceability part of PRIMO also acts with a fully integrated CRM, Manufacturing, Inventory management & POS transactions software.

Community Driven

What is decentralization without community, right? 

That’s why the PRIMO token will be used for those who hold over 1mil PRIMO to be an active voice and help them make decisions for growth. 


Once you enter the Primo community, you’ll see they are a passionate and very well-engaged group. 

This enthusiasm led to Primo NFTs Ocean DAO club: an exclusive, decentralized, private club. 

They were established in 2021 on the blockchain and created to “connect like-minded entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors, developers and those just looking for a safe way to become educated and involved in crypto”. 

Primo NFTs (image by: Primo) 

In the words of the company itself: 

“When you dive into the ocean, you’re not joining a community or just becoming a holder of an NFT. You become part of a family that loves passive income and blood in the water”. 

You can also get what they call loyalty rewards, once you are an active Ocean Club member.

Primo NFTs members get updated and instructed in their guidelines by their Telegram group: join by clicking here

Next steps for Primo

In 2021, Primo already fulfilled their goals of rebranding the token to $PRIMO and signed its first partnership location in Columbus, Ohio. 

Also, one of the steps already made was the present and longed-for partnership with Klever, by implementing PRIMO pairs inside the Klever Exchange

Now, Primo wants to go further and start its token Staking, release new niche brands, and continue its store partnership expansions. 

Click here to view the full roadmap

$PRIMO Pairs in the Klever Exchange

You can trade PRIMO inside the Klever Exchange with the best fee in the market and as fast as a rocket (up to 3 million transactions per second). 

The pairs available in the Klever Exchange are:


How to Trade in Klever Exchange

There are just a few steps to enter the trading:

Option A: Being on the “Home” Screen

1. Choose one of the showing trading pairs

2. Select the “Buy” or “Sell” choice on the next screen

Option B: Go to the “Market” screen

1. On that screen, there are various possibilities to start over.

On top of that screen, you can directly filter the market and find your trading pair, by entering the Coin/Token of choice (in this case IGG) into the “Search for markets” bar.

a. Choose one of the showing trading pairs

b. Select the “Buy” or “Sell” choice on the next screen

2. On the other hand, you also have the choice to select some main categories of Coins, to find your trading pair a bit faster.

a. Choose one of the showing trading pairs
b. Select the “Buy” or “Sell” choice on the next screen

4. The easiest way: just select the trading pair from the overview by scrolling down the pairs or writing in the search box (in this case, PRIMO/USDT or PRIMO/KLV). 

This image is for illustration purposes only

1. Choose one of the showing trading pairs
2. Select the “Buy” or “Sell” choice on the next screen.

Trading PRIMO in Market Order

  1. Select “Market”
  2. Select “Buy” or “Sell”
  3. Enter the amount you want to buy or sell
  4. Confirm your order by pressing the “Buy” or “Sell” button

These images are for illustration purposes only

 Trading PRIMO in Limit Order

  1. First, check the last price in the order book (more details to be found here)
  2. Select the “Buy” or “Sell” option (depends on your plans)
  3. Enter the price of the coin you are willing to pay for
  4. Enter the number of coins you want to trade
  • You can enter the amount by yourself
  • Select the percentage you want to trade
  1. Confirm your order by pressing the “Buy” or “Sell” button
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