TronWallet launches In-App Offering for KLV token, one week ahead of Klever App official launch

In response to mounting private and community requests for buying the Klever (KLV) token, we’re happy to announce the launch of our In-App Offering (IAO) of KLV inside TronWallet’s Swap tool. We will be accepting BTC, TRX, ETH, and USDT in the KLV Flash Sale IAO, which takes place between August 20–24.

Klever Coin’s (KLV) In-App Offering Flash Sale is now available in TronWallet‘s Swap tool. Users can buy KLV with BTC, TRX, ETH and USDT.

The KLV community In-App Offering comes just days before the highly anticipated official launch of our 4th generation wallet, the Klever App. The KLV Flash Sale offers our users to purchase KLV before the token will be listed on both DEXs and top-tier exchanges.

1 KLV is priced at 0.003 USD, and 1.2 billion KLV will be up for sale to our global community of users. 300 million KLV was already been distributed in a private sale to private parties, VIP members, and TWLT holders.

TronWallet has grown exponentially since the announcement of on July 1, adding more than 370,000 users and devices in under two months, raising the total number of users above 625,000 users worldwide. Meanwhile, TronWallet recorded 222,000 daily active users (DAU) on August 18 alone, making it one of the most used blockchain apps on the market. Additionally, the TronWallet Swap tool is hitting new record numbers, processing over 7,500 individual swaps over the past 24 hours. This growth is further testimony to the true potential of our new and expanded platform,

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TronWallet has added over 370k new users in less than two months since the announcement of, surpassing 625k total users worldwide.

Step-by-step on how to participate in KLV Flash Sale

Video Tutorial: How To Buy Klever (KLV) token in TronWallet’s Swap tool during In-App Offering Flash Sale

  1. Choose BTC, TRX, ETH, or USDT to purchase your KLV tokens with.

  2. Input the amount of KLV you want to buy.

  3. Click confirm.

  4. Receive your KLV tokens.

It takes roughly 3 seconds to receive your purchased KLV in your TronWallet once we have received your BTC, TRX, ETH or USDT. Make sure to enable KLV in the “Token Filter” of your wallet in order to see your new KLV balance. If you do not yet have the TronWallet app, you can download it to your Android or iOS by clicking here.

What is KLV? will consist of four main components: Klever App, Klever OS, Klever Swap & Exchange, and Klever Labs, our in-house development entity. KLV is the token that will power all our platforms, products, and services since we believe in the notion of creating one utility token for countless use cases.

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KLV is the fuel that powers all products and services in the Klever Ecosystem, including Klever App, Klever Swap & Exchange, Klever OS and all future Klever Labs projects.

You can use KLV Coin on our platforms to:

  • Stake

  • Pay transaction fees

  • Pay exchange fees

  • Pay Swap fees

  • Reduce exchange fees

  • Reduce Swap fees

  • Make p2p payments

  • Buy VIP token

  • Participate in new projects through crowdfunding

“We have been working on our 4th generation crypto wallet Klever App and the Klever Ecosystem for over 3 years, and the team is both humbled and excited about the great reception has had in the crypto community at large. We have set out to solve two major problems in crypto today, namely the security problem and user experience problem, and with we are confident that we will provide an immensely more secure and simpler user experience for our global family of users,” says Dio Ianakiara, CEO of and TronWallet.Me.

In conclusion, since KLV will be the main utility token used to power all platforms in the Klever Ecosystem, including the Klever App, Klever Swap & Exchange, Klever OS, and all future Klever Labs projects, such as Klever Browser and Klever Blockchain, this will make KLV one of the most used utility tokens in crypto today.

To learn more about and KLV, read our Klever White Paper at


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