User centred platform: that is Klever

We build stronger products and services when we hear our users and put people at the forefront of our business.

The development of any product, software or service thrives on key fundamentals, and this is what keeps the business alive. 

As a matter of fact, small business owners and large corporations should not create anything without putting these factors into consideration. This is why you have so many products and services yet they become irrelevant over time. 

In this article, I will be  focusing on one key factor as the spotlight among the fundamentals for development  which is the people – in this case, users. 

People are fundamental

People are the most important part of any business development. They form the basis and fulcrum for which businesses are developed. 

Computers were developed in the twentieth century to help humans process things faster and easier. 

Cars were produced to help humans move from place to place securely and faster than their legs can carry them. 

Vacuum cleaners were made to help clean up the homes more efficiently than you can use a broom. 

And so many more creative tools and gadgets made to help humans achieve greater and faster results. 

This is also the same in the financial sector of life, as man created money to ease the means of exchange for goods and services.

The same thing is applicable for the cryptocurrency space. Projects that are in the development stage have to consider a proper user’s case so that a project idea will be able to solve a particular problem in order to ease a user’s experience.  

For instance, Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto for the purpose of making transactions on a tamper proof, credible, verifiable open source software called the Blockchain, which is a transparent, distributed ledger format for transactions of value. 

This has subsequently led to the creation of countless other projects based on the open source software of  bitcoin. 

The Klever way of being user centred

The Klever team has taken the bull by the horns from inception in all its developmental processes. 

Klever wallet was built and is being maintained based on the feedback mechanism of its users. This has really helped to shape the wallet in a way where they can find it to be the most user friendly interface on the entire planet.

And we have not stopped with the Klever wallet – we have also introduced the same methodology for the Klever Exchange which has seen massive amount of updates based on the over 10,000 beta users’ feedback from our various test phases with the listing of many coins and tokens as trading pairs. 

There is also the speed test in transaction and throughput analysis, able to process over 3 million transactions per orderbook, making the Klever Exchange a fantastic and incredibly fast use case for the entire blockchain industry.

This is a phenomenal growth and development by the hard working and determined team members of the Klever development team. 

Nonetheless, all of this cannot be achievable if there was no interactive and close relationship between the users and the developers. 

Hence the need for a continuous improvement of our products and services by enhancing an engaging experience with our users in the Klever community.

It pays to be Klever.

By James Enajite

Klever Admin

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