Validators Program

Validators Program – Klever War of Nodes campaign!

Klever testnet is a series of competitive challenges where validators can learn, prepare, and earn points in order to prepare for the upcoming mainnet.

Klever Chain testnet is in full swing ahead of Mainnet launch, and the next phase of testnet is about to begin: Validators Program, the War of Nodes!

Validators have a crucial role in maintaining the Klever network should they get elected on Mainnet. Once elected, the validator takes part in generating new blocks on the Klever Chain by reaching a consensus with other validators.

In return for their work and performance on Mainnet, they will receive rewards in KLV. 

Now we are calling on all validators to participate in our campaign to find worthy validator candidates for the Klever blockchain launch. 

The testnet will be divided into 4 phases, each testing a different aspect of validating and securing the Klever blockchain network.

Anyone can become a validator as long as:

  • You have the required skills to run a validator node.
  • Can provide 99.9% uptime of your validator node.
  • Have KLV to self-stake on your validator node.
  • Able to attract enough delegation in KLV to become an elected validator.

How to become a validator on Klever testnet:

  • First, complete the validator enrollment form to indicate your intention to run as a validator and compete in the War of Nodes.
  • Join our social media channels, including Discord to stay updated with the latest announcements.
  • Second, get ready for a War of Nodes challenge that will start February 21st, where validators can prepare, learn and prove their skills by completing a series of competitive tasks.
  • Third, as part of the War of Nodes, we will roll out several phases over the coming weeks, each phase focused on testing a different aspect of validating and securing the Klever network.
  • Points are earned by completing network and community tasks during each phase and will be used as an indicator to test validators’ readiness, but also so the global Klever community can follow and determine which validators they will delegate their KLV to.

Upon the rebooting of the Klever Chain testnet on February 19, a slew of new tools and functionality will be introduced. This will also prepare us for War of Nodes!

Follow this page including our social channels to stay updated. 

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