What can you do with BTC in Klever Wallet?

You can accomplish a lot using Bitcoin in Klever Wallet; check it out.

The dynamic nature of the Klever wallet has placed it among the cynosure of digital wallets globally. 

Keeping things simple and fast has been Klever’s goal since the company was founded: to deliver blockchain services from the comfort of your mobile device.

As you use the Klever wallet for your everyday transactions, I would like to highlight a few key features.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first digital currency created by a pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto, that operates free of any central control or the oversight of banks or governments. 

However, Bitcoin depends on peer-to-peer blockchain technology and mathematical algorithms to solve complex computations.

Every transaction within the network is publicly broadcasted and shared from node to node and the transactions are also stored in a distributed ledger in a transparent manner.

How can you use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is becoming a global phenomenon and it requires a basic understanding of how it works and what it is for complete mass adoption of the digital form of currency.

In the current economic climate, there is an urgent need to create awareness on a massive scale of how to use cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions, however for many, this is no longer news as a small, medium, and large corporations now appear to accept cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange for their goods and services.

In the long run, this will create accessibility and value for Bitcoin and other alternative cryptocurrencies.

Blue-chip companies like Facebook (Meta), Amazon, Paypal, and Google are all integrating their services with blockchain payment solutions. 

Due to the speed and instantaneity of digital currencies, this would solve the problem with Fiat currency transfers and payment delays.

How can you use BTC in your Klever Wallet?

Sequel to the transformation happening in the Klever wallet, there is now so much a user can do with Bitcoin (BTC) on the Klever wallet.

  1. Send: The send function of the Klever wallet enables the user to send their BTC to any other BItcoin wallet by simply following the steps highlighted below
  • Click on the desired token from your Portfolio in this case BTC.
  • Switch to the desired Klever Account to execute the transaction then click on the SEND button.
  • Enter the amount you want to send to the recipient, then click on the Next button. 
  • Click on the Book icon and select an Account or Contact to which you want to send the BTC. Alternatively, you can paste an address from the Clipboard or scan a QR code. Once done, click on the Send button. 
  • After, you will be redirected to a screen where you can see all the transaction details. When everything is confirmed, click on the Submit Transaction button. Once submitted, a green screen will appear which confirms that the transaction is submitted successfully to the network. 
  1. Receive: In order to receive Bitcoin on your Klever wallet, the user would have to perform the following processes in your  Klever Wallet:
  • Click on the desired token from your Portfolio in this case Bitcoin (BTC).
  • Switch to the desired Account if you have multiple accounts on the wallet.
  • Inside the Account page click on the Receive button.
  • On the next screen, you can: 
  • use the sharing application to share to the desired sender or scan the QR code.   
  • Alternatively, copy the address to Clipboard, then paste the address inside the sending application. 
  1. Buy: The Klever wallet has made it more convenient for users to use bank cards to buy cryptocurrencies in a seamless way. 

Consequently, the strategic partnership between Klever and the world-leading payment processor Simplex.com has enabled Klever users the access to buy Crypto fast and securely inside the Klever Wallet with either a credit or debit card. 

However, there are new partners working with the Klever team to expand the frontier of the fiat on-ramp services on the Klever wallet including Moonpay, Mercuryo, Banxa, and Apple Pay. 

 The process is stated below

  • Click on the settings button (5th from your left) 
  • Select the buy crypto tab.
  • Select the cryptocurrency to be bought (in this case Bitcoin)
  •  Input the Amount of Crypto you want to Buy or Fiat Value.
  •  Select Your Receiving Address.
  •  Input your Card Details & Fill out the Form.
  •  Upload your Identity Document.
  •  Wait for your payment request to be approved.
  • The token would be credited to your wallet address that is provided.
  1. Charge: This is another unique feature of the Klever wallet that enables a user to make payments for goods and services in cryptocurrencies without leaving the Klever wallet. The basic steps include:
  • Open your Klever wallet
  • Select the cryptocurrency to be used for charge (payment)
  • Click on the charge button
  • Input the amount to be charged (either in BTC or USD value)
  • Added a description if necessary and click next
  • Scan the QR code stating the amount to be charged
  • The user’s wallet address would be charged accordingly. 

The Klever Wallet is indeed intuitive and easy to use for everyone in the crypto space. 

However, we would like to continue sharing educational content to encourage our users and potential users to understand the basics of using crypto in the Klever wallet.                         

 It is a Klever thing to do.

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