What makes KleverChain a promise and a unique Blockchain?

Promising aspects can make the Klever Blockchain a unique and game-changing product

Things evolve through time and there’s not much we can do about it. What once was not considered a big revolution for some, can flip the tables and become legendary. 

As I’m watching (with some lateness, I admit) the docuseries “The Last Dance” about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls back in the 90s, I see how hard it is for some people to admit that the new and improved version of something has come. 

Believe it or not, there were people who didn’t believe that MJ’s success would be astronomical. 

Well, not even his parents at some point. However, we can give them credit for that because how would they know?

As a kid, Michael Jordan wasn’t even able to beat his brother Larry Jordan in backyard games, even though he was always a good player.

In addition, as Michael became famous and was drafted by the Chicago Bulls from North Carolina University, the team’s faith in winning nationals wasn’t that great either.

No one imagined MJ would become the Jumpman as we know him, or that he would be a part of the magic trio with Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman.

One scene that really struck me though the episodes were when Michael was celebrating one of his wins with the Chicago Bulls with great enthusiasm. 

Michael Jordan celebrating a win over the Cleveland Cavaliers in 1989 (Img: Getty) 

Back then, as I said, some people, even seeing what Michael had brought to basketball, didn’t believe that they would win a championship. 

When they did win, Michael proved them wrong and said something like “for those who were with us: awesome. Who was not, ‘screw them’” (please, note that this is not exactly what he said. It was something like this). 

That made me ask myself: how many times do we keep watching really good things happen before our eyes and even so we question the game-changing possibility of it? 

I mean, it is normal indeed. Maybe it’s a kind of protection that we acquire through the times to make sure we are safe and not invest in something that feels sketchy. 

If Michael Jordan’s parents and the Bulls’ fans did, I think we also can second guess something. 

However, it makes us think about investors and believers. They have something in common – or maybe they are kind of one and the same. 

When you believe in something in a smart way (or Klever way, for the sake of the punchline), knowing the risks, seeing the odds, and watching it play, you just gotta have a little faith. 

The possibility of a game-changer 

The same can be said with technologies. When Klever came to the game, some big players were already in town. The company didn’t give up, and it continues to thrive with its ideas to make a difference and shine brighter than all the stars.

Every single feature and product that Klever brings to the table is challenging either because someone already did it and says it’s the best one there is or because it goes beyond what people think it may be possible to achieve. 

Now, here comes KleverChain and some may ask “why a new blockchain when I have so much ‘stability’ in the market? What is different? Can it really be better than the others? Does it even have a chance?”

First of all, remember the anecdote that I did in the beginning? Always ask yourself, especially when you’ve seen these guys play on the court before. 

Klever has already proven itself with its products before and has shown “hey, in a year or so, I can compete with the big guys”. 

If you ever tried Klever, you know what I mean. It’s simple, it’s fast, it’s harmonic and it plays well with the partnerships (or teammates). Those are already reasons to bet on it. 

However, like a good investor, let’s get technical, shall we? 

Klever’s big competitors 

Bitcoin was the first blockchain initiative for crypto assets. It has brought the concept of blockchain in general to the monetary market, promoting a high level of security through cryptography. 

It also brought the concept of decentralization, pushing away the need for a bank party to validate financial transactions.  

By doing this, Bitcoin removed boundaries enabling and facilitating sending funds to anyone, even between different countries, with a much lower fee than the ones charged by traditional institutions, empowering users and making them managers of their own funds.  

As for Ethereum, it is a platform based on blockchain technology that goes way beyond transferring funds – as Bitcoin is. Ethereum revolutionized the cryptocurrency market through smart contracts, allowing the creation of more complex “on-chain” applications such as tokens. 

It enabled the birth of those new tokens with the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), different investments (by staking), amongst other decentralized applications (dApps). 

What makes KleverChain unique? 

The Bitcoin network suffers from the increase of difficulty to create new nodes implemented in their algorithm – it brings more slowness to their transactions.

Ethereum, for instance, can be faster than Bitcoin, however, it also suffers from safety issues in its smart contracts. And that is when KleverChain comes into the picture. 

KleverChain comes as a network focused on safety, stability, scalability, and performance. 

Read more on KleverChain: 

According to Eduardo ‘Duka’ dos Santos, Klever’s Growth Product Manager, KleverChain has reached 2000TPS (Transactions Per Second) using parallel transactions’ process and the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. 

“This way, Klever has increased the information safety in the network, reduced the cost of transactions using their own main coin (KLV), and guaranteed more safety in the developed apps by utilizing native applications (kApps) and not smart contracts. The kApps benefit from all the network’s safety, avoiding malicious attacks”

-Eduardo ‘Duka’ dos Santos, Growth PM

Bet on what you believe 

A good player plays better with a good and harmonic team. 

It happened with Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman and it happens in Klever as well. 

KleverChain is fully integrated with the Klever ecosystem that consists also of the Klever Wallet, Klever Exchange and the company’s almighty Klever OS. 

That being said, can we bet on the Klever team to win big in the near future? 

Personally, I think absolutely yes. However, my opinion is not what is supposed to drive you and your beliefs. The data, the performance, and the evolution of Klever through the years should. 

Of course, to understand it, you gotta live it, feel it and experiment with it, otherwise, you won’t be able to make a fair judgment. So, I think we should all see it for ourselves and mix it up with a little faith that is always necessary to achieve greatness. 

Let’s try to avoid the bitter feeling that the Bull’s fans felt by not believing in Jordan’s first steps. 

We want to be right beside the next legend when it comes the time to celebrate. 

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