What to expect from K5: a user view

Creating a crypto wallet with an exceptional experience for its users has been a major challenge for major crypto wallet developers.

Some pioneers in the crypto space for wallet development have been relegated to the background for their inability to mitigate the upsurge of critical system failures and hacks by criminals on their wallet systems.

Others have not updated their platform software and interfaces for a very long time, which has left their users at the mercy of an outdated user interface without proper integration.

The need for continuous development is pertinent for any software or blockchain technology project.

Klever goals in the crypto space

However, the Klever team is very enthusiastic about the development plans for the Klever 5 (K5) wallet version and has been working hard to develop and deliver a renovated version of an already successful wallet. 

The first launch would be for Android users to have access to the Klever 5, this would be made available for users and newcomers to start enjoying a cutting-edge crypto experience. 

With the potential of the present version of the Klever wallet App, which is used by more than 3 million people all over the world, providing more than 900 tokens from the first generation of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin to other interesting coins, from powerful projects, like Matic, Polkadot, or ICP and some meme coins which has been evaluated by the compliance team, were all integrated into the Klever wallet.

This version will provide features such as:

  • Create wallet
  • Restore wallet
  • Receive
  • Create/restore accounts
  • Watch mode accounts
  • Import accounts with private key
  • Backup wallet
  • Transaction list
  • Fingerprint/FaceID
  • Portfolio
  • Buy crypto from integrated platforms like : Simplex, Moonpay, Mercuryo, Banxa, Transak
  • and an overall seamless experience which is in itself innovative.

There is also the integration of the Unstoppable Domains (UD), which is a decentralized web domain name registration that would be available on the Klever 5 (K5) app upon launch. This would give a massive utility to Klever wallet users who can have the domain names registered and can be utilized on any platform be it web, mobile, app, and much more.

However, the Klever team has taken it upon themselves to remain as innovative as possible in giving its users an awesome experience with the use of cryptocurrencies and the application of blockchain technology.

This is what has been translated into the Klever 5 version of the already existing Klever wallet App as stated by Vitor Pereira:

“The technology we used on the Klever 4 app was good, it brought us here, but to get to the next level, we need something more robust. So we decided to make Klever 5 to better scale the application, add new functionalities, and more integration with our users, our marketing, and our analytics. We want to make something that keeps itself sustainable for 5, 10 years to come.”

However, the Klever 4 was originally developed by using a hybrid approach, where the iOS and Android versions of the wallet were made with a single technology. Now, each OS version is being built by a specific team of engineers using native technology. IOS and Android look quite the same, but what is actually under the hood is substantially different. 

There is a breath of fresh air the users would experience,  aside from the technical aspects of Klever 5 and its new business possibilities, the Klever wallet v5 takes design to the next level. It was developed based on the user requests and criticism as a feedback mechanism to the team, ensuring the expected results are implemented by remodeling the existing wallet App.

The Klever team is keen on the simplicity of the wallet application and puts a lot of effort into deploying the same degree of simplicity without compromising on the standards and security of the wallet for its teeming users. 

This is reflected in the prototype image as it is seen below, where the team has been working on ways to make a portfolio, balance, and home screens more functional and as informational as possible, by adding links to features and convenient data visualization.

This would enable the users to review their charts more comfortably, see their balances without needing to toggle multiple screens or buttons, and an array of other features which can only be experienced when the Klever 5 is launched.

The Klever team is perfecting all the new features as we look forward to an outstanding new user interface for the benefit of all in the Klever community.

It is indeed a Klever thing to do

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