Why should you use a cryptocurrency wallet app?

Mobile technology allows us to facilitate our lives on a daily basis. Using your crypto wallet in your smartphone can be a very Klever decision.

Life has never been the same since smartphones came into the picture. 

With these magnificent – and sometimes addictive – objects, we are able to manage our lives in our hands. 

Today, everything in our lives can be handled with these devices: our finances, our groceries, our education, and even our fitness life. 

Actually, it is amazing to know that a lot of people only have access to the internet through smartphones nowadays. They have a phone but no computer. 

According to Statista, 83.72% of the worldwide population have access to smartphones. This means 6.64 billion users around the world. 

The World Advertising Research Center also believes that by 2025, 72% of all internet users will solely use smartphones to access the web. 

This changes everything when it comes to developing products on the internet. To have a responsive website is not only a request, it’s a need.   

Klever’s perspective

Klever believes in the future, in many aspects of society. 

Researching and developing products first for smartphones is a decision, among other reasons, to have a practical and easy-to-access product for all the devices. 

The company already sees the transformation and migration from desktop to smartphones and invests heavily in mobile developers. 

Our BETA tests and launches are mostly made for Android and iOS and this has the touch of the revolutionary system called Klever OS.

Klever OS is a groundbreaking wallet operating system that enables developers of all platforms to run a smart and secure wallet inside their apps, cloud, servers, hardware, smartphones, pen drives, mobile devices, and wearables.

3 major reasons to use a crypto wallet on your phone

1. It’s practical

When you have your crypto wallet downloaded to your smartphone, you can manage your coins any time, any day, anywhere

Imagine the scenario that you’re away from home and you open your wallet really quick, just to see the numbers. 

Then, you see a sudden change in one of the coins you always wanted to buy – it’s low and you wish to buy the dip. 

However, you want to trade it for some coins you already have. So, the easiest and most practical way is just to open your crypto wallet app and do the swap instantly, fast, and with a low fee. 

Let’s take another example: you wish to send crypto to someone in another country that needs it with some kind of urgency. 

You can’t wait until you get home – you have to do it right at the moment. 

The solution is the same as the previous one: open your wallet app and send crypto to whoever, whenever you want. 

2. It’s safe

We all have heard before that crypto wallets – especially hot ones, the ones connected to the internet such as apps – can be easier to hack. 

However, keep calm and trust the Klever Wallet safety system. 

First of all, when you have an app like the Klever App, you have a full non-custodial wallet, in which you – and only you – have custody of your coins.

That means that no one, including Klever, can access your portfolio. 

That’s also why you have to be extremely careful with your seeds. They are somewhat your password and to lose them means losing your account completely. 

But never fear: let’s remember again how your seeds are made and how you can store it best. 

2.1 What are seeds?

Seeds are a set of 12 random words generated automatically once you create your wallet account. 

They don’t follow a rationale and their sequence is also random. With that sequence of words, your crypto private key will be created as a single code that only you will have. 

So, going step-by-step:

1. Once you create your account, the Klever App will show a sequence of words;

2. They are all enumerated from 1 to 12 and you must follow that sequence;

3. There will be an empty box in which you will fill with the words in sequence like the example below;

4. You must write down this sequence on a piece of paper and, in preference, in more than one safe place;

5. Keep them extremely safe. If you lose the sequence, you’ll lose access to your crypto altogether. 

This manner of generating private keys is the same in all wallets. 

However, the Klever Wallet is powered by the above-mentioned Klever OS, so you can trust your wallet is safe as long as you keep your seeds equally protected.

3. It’s Klever

Some things are really the stand-out points in the Klever Wallet app compared to its competitors. 

First and foremost it is undoubtedly one of the easiest to use

Everything that Klever makes is made for whoever wants to enter the crypto universe: a beginner, an enthusiast, a big-time investor – it really does not matter. 

Because it’ll have the same resources as other crypto wallets and, at the same time, the ultimate user-friendly experience for those who are just starting their crypto journey. 

Once you open the app, you can already see your portfolio with the crypto you invest in and others that you can bookmark in the list. 

The information is clear: the name of the coin, the current price in the market and how much you have in crypto and fiat value. 

Now, let’s take the situation we talked about before: say you have to swap cryptos really quickly. 

By going to the Swap section, you choose the crypto you want to swap with and the crypto you want to purchase with it. 

With only a few steps you’ll be able to swap them super fast and have the new coins in your wallet. 

As for the other example we gave before, let’s say you have to send crypto to someone in an urgent matter. 

By just choosing the crypto you want, pressing ‘Send’, and typing the amount and the desired address to be sent, you can do this transaction in a simple manner. 

Use the technology for your benefit

The full Klever experience can be in the palm of your hands. To use technology at its best is necessary and can make your life so much easier. 

Kever also has the Klever Exchange already available for Android and iOS.

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